***Official Breakfast Club Interview Thread***

Joined Aug 8, 2012
Have u seen her without make up?

She look like a frog. I’d smash tho off the strength of that *** tho

Mark Antony

Joined Apr 30, 2010
Know I’ve mentioned it a few times but just to reiterate how stupid Envy is, watched the too short interview, short says something about the raiders. Envy replies “Why’s Oakland your fave team? What made you pick them? Like bruh :lol::stoneface:
What's crazy is I think Yee has a friend that's a raiders fan too.
Joined Oct 14, 2015
Soulja is complete trash, but I'm up early for the ******** so let's get it popping. Tyga lost a billion dollar ***** to Travis Scott, talk about it!

"But why you hitting these girls raw? I'm Yung Draco mane, **** that ****" LOL
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Joined Jul 20, 2017
Soulja really paved a way for these new artists today. Him and Lil B.

I never knew Soulja said "gang gang" before anybody else. Thought it was Keef.
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