***Official Breakfast Club Interview Thread***

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Man, that interview was classic :lol: It had over 2 mil views by last night.

I thought you were born in Mississippi. Chicago. huh?

Chatty saying, I'm so confused right now :lol:

Name the top five rappers from Compton including yourself :rofl:
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I know I'm getting old. I had Google search what no cap meant. Soulja boy a funny dude. Hope everything stay on wax.
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Any big fans of Watching Movies with the Sound Off? Whatever the name is of that Mac Miller album.
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Mark Antony

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Rel spends a good chunk of time explaining a tough episode of his sitcom that's dedicated to his mother that passed... Envy: "so what was the toughest episode you had to do"
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didn't watch the interview...
but at the very least they should have ****ed on son for trying to **** on the knicks.
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