Official E3 thread of gaming goodness!

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Happy E3 day everyone! Let's hope it's a great one. Feel free to update this thread with streams, news, rumors, and all things E3!
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More vids of Bioshock 2, MW2, and Halo ODST please!

BTW, expect a new Mario title from Nintendo... Especially after last years debacle.
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Microsoft Press Conference in 20 minutes.

Nintendo Press Conference tomorrow at 9:00 am PST.

Sony Press Conference tomorrow at 11:00 am PST.
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Also, EA Press Conference today at 2:00 pm PST and Ubisoft Press Conference today at 5:00 pm PST
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Killer Instinct to the 360? Hmmm....

But I would say that fighters are a dying genre... How many people are still playing SF IV?

Or even Soul Calibur IV...
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LOL @ the second reply in this post. Just keep the first post and topic updated with all the good news.
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[color= rgb(204, 153, 0)]Just made me realize I aint played HALO in hellas...[/color]
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Guitar Hero 5

-Release date is officially September 1st 2009.
-You can play on any instrument you want.
-DLC Works with it, possible exporting
-Party Play: Drop in- drop out no fail, no score mode, choose difficulty and instrument on the fly (with the whole being able to play any instrumentcombination things)
-Band Star Power: Each member can use different star power, like RB.
-Rock Fest: New competitive modes, such as Momentum where you shift down a difficulty if you miss 3 notes in a row and move up if you get a streak of 20.
-Tweaked Band Revival System: It's similar to rock band, but has to do with unifying the band. More on this later.


sounds good.
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Originally Posted by nnarum

How many people are still playing SF IV?
I do. SFIV is the best fighting game made in atleast a decade

Once you get the timing and countering game down then there is endless fun.
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