Official ECF Game 1 5/20 8:30PM EST TNT Magic vs. Cavs

Joined Jan 4, 2009
Whoever wins this series [ probly CAV'S] i see LEBRON

dunking on DWIGHT something vicious, like he did to KG....
Joined Mar 28, 2008
im just glad its orlando who got to the next round cause celtics would've been steamrolled. orlando have a better match up so better chance of good games
Joined Jun 2, 2007
I think it all depends on how the Cavs play the first game, for weather or not they sweep em.

Im dead serious too.

The cavs are hotttt right now, but these long breaks could hold them back.
Joined Jan 10, 2008
i like both teams so i don't care who wins

however, just throwing this out there - is there such a thing as too much rest? 8 days off? yikes..
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