Official Graduate School Decision Post

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It's going to be a few more years for me but if I stick with this major I have now. I'm hoping to get into the University of Toronto for my Masters


Joined Nov 13, 2009
So, I learn if I got into my Master's of Counseling program on Thursday at WVU. I'm excited yet very nervous. I don't consider it to be an end all, be all, but at this point in my life it would be that much needed impetus to really get my life moving in the right direction.

I want to be a family and couples therapist, but some of the current students whom I interviewed with told me the program exposes you to so much that you may want to do something totally different at the end of the three years.

To all the prospective graduate students, tell me about the program you applied for, the school, the anticipated decision date, and what you want to do with your degree once you graduate and/or get licensed.
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2 weeks ago, i found out that i got accepted to the doctor of physical therapy program at my school 
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Applied: Univ of Pennsylvania's (UPENN) Counseling and Mental Health Services program
Columbia University Teachers College- Psychological Counseling
UNC Chapel Hill- School Counseling.
Accepted to all and attending UPENN.

Gonna be a h.s. guidance counselor/ have private practice. Nice to see someone else in the Counseling field esp. on NT. Man don't sweat WVU too much. Either way you better be getting in at those parties and on those southern women.
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Originally Posted by jmal519

2 weeks ago, i found out that i got accepted to the doctor of physical therapy program at my school 
where at fam? im tryin' to do the same thing.
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Congrats to those who have gotten in, and GL to those still waiting on an official decision.

I was accepted to the University of San Francisco's credential+master's program in education for the fall
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Got accepted to and will be attending UT Health Science Center School of Public Health this Fall. Congrats to the previous posters.
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to those who are currently or have completed their master's program, what is the biggest difference between graduate school and undergrad?
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