Official MARCH 2010 Nike Outlet/Website/Store Update Thread - 3/18-21: 20% Off Nike Outlet Cpn Pg.1

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Click here for LAST MONTH'S Nike Outlet Thread.

Thanks to everyone who contributes both regularly and here and there. Again, this thread exists as a source for information, so let's all do what we can to keep it that way.

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Need directions or phone numbers for a certain Nike retail location? Nike Store/Outlet Info
How to make a phone order:

- Call the store
- Request the item
- Have credit card & shipping info ready
Methods for searching for a product (have the style code ready):

For those who are a bit hesitant about using Nikefind or the Nike product searching methods, here's a basic step-by-step. I just did it with an item that was in the outlet over two months ago and the entire process took me less than half an hour.

1. Chat with a Nike Customer Service Rep.
2. State you are looking for a product and give the style code. Speed up the process by finding the product code before hand.
3. If the product is available somewhere, the Rep will give you a list of locations along with phone numbers.
4. Call the numbers, request the product. Some may have them, some may not.
5. Place your order over the phone with credit card; ask for a manager (for general safety).
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We're trying to reduce clutter. Gratitude is nice but 200 comments saying "thanks" gets redundant. Comments like "I got these, they're super nice, omg!" and "at $xx.xx I still won't buy, they're ugly!" are considered useless clutter.

What's considered a 'non-clutter' comment?

Anything that provides info. A flaw in a B-Grade item, a store that will/won't price match, and so on.
I will do my best in updating the original post but I will be selective in what goes up.
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When I went to the Nike outlet today, they gave me a coupon for March 18-21 for 20% off. Check with your local Nike outlets, they all should be giving them out


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PickYourShoes has some split CDP packs up. Don't care for the prices, though...


formerly juice8732
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i just called South Chi and the dude said the largest size they had in the VI's and Penny 2's is a 9.5... i am currently away at school and can not go by the store to verify, but if someone looking for larger sizes is, i'd go by. we all know how unreliable information you receive over the phone is..
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Just a note:

Please check the last few pages of last month's Outlet Thread. There's some good updates there.
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Penny 2's (333886-041) at shouth chii have been reduced to $79.97

Not sure of size run left but they definitely had more pairs in 9 & 9.5

SLP posted price drop would begin 3/2/10 but they are already reduced - thanks SLP for the heads up

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^no sz10s- I bought the last size 10 2 Saturdays ago for $109( the wife gave me some extra $$ so I just pulled the trigger knowing that the price was gonna drop soon
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I'm thinking that the HOH Godzillas aren't exclusives because I saw them bout 3 weeks ago at the Footlocker in Jamestown mall (St.Louis County, Missouri)
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they were exclusive when they 1st dropped @ HOH a couple yrs back, now they are at every footlocker in nyc since nike decided to make them again on a larger scale
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Tannersville outlet yesterday...

Air Max 90 Boot black - $60
Vandal Low black/white stripe - $50
Vandal Low white/navy & Black/white/red - $40
Dunk 6.0 overcast/pine green - $50
Air Force 1 Cinder/Sail & all black - $75
Air Force 1 white/navy/gold - $70
hypersize black - $90
Zoom Phenom black/white, black/university blue, & black/white/university blue - $50
Zoom Phenom black/white/purple - $40
Air Jordan Sixty Plus black & white/black - $80
Air Jordan Flight 45 black/white
some sort of Lebron white/navy - $90
Air Jordan 2.5 white/black/university blue & black/white/royal - $60
Air Jordan 2.5 Low black/red - $60
Air Jordan 2009 white & black - $70
Air Jordan Old School 3 white/university blue - $80
Air Jordan 1 strap black/yellow - $80
Dunk High Premium black/red/plum/anthracite - $45

full size runs of most but not all

some Dunks and Air Force 1's in womens...did really pay attention but i know they had the light purple canvas womens forces

not noteworthy as far as clothing
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anyone looking for the nike pro combat gear for basketball. woodburn outlet has them in both the top and bottoms they retail. but i just figure i post it out there.
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camarillo outlet also has the pro combat gear....not discounted from what i recall, but ill be there again tomorrow since i gotta pick up some stuff for my family. so ill get more updates.
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Deer Park , NY Nike Store

Air Max 97 "Playstations" 39.99 .,... Picked up a pair today!
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For those interested and/or still looking;

Checc your local Champs

DMP 7 marked down to $199.99
DMP 1 marked down to $169.99(?)

Not the BEST deals I know but if you have a VIP Platinum card or any leftover giftcards from the holidays you can make out alright....


EDIT: RKO2004- its ten per $100 so if you get something to pad the order over $200 you get $20 off. The way it basically works around my way is we have like 8% tax so on a purchase of $200 its like $10-15 tax so using the VIP Platinum brought the total, including tax, to $195 and some change....  
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Originally Posted by Agent0024

For those interested and/or still looking;

Checc your local Champs

DMP 7 marked down to $199.99
DMP 1 marked down to $169.99(?)

Not the BEST deals I know but if you have a VIP Platinum card or any leftover giftcards from the holidays you can make out alright....

How much do you save with the Plat card?
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NDC is running another sale off their clearance stuff. Code NEXT76 takes an additional 20% off the clearance prices. E-mail said the deal would "go public" on 3/4. I don't know of any codes for free shipping, but orders over $175 ship free, and you can always create another account to get free shipping on your first order.

Offer expires March 9, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. PST


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Black/Blue Penny 2's have been marked down to $79. NO sz 10! I need to find an outlet with a sz 10 QUICK!
Joined Feb 8, 2009 Clearance section has the Blue Tennis Ball Hypermaxes for $77.97.

Keep in mind that mentioned about is a 20% off coupon, so you can get them for about $63 before shipping.
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