Official Pizza Appreciation!

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I can eat pineapple on pizza but it’s not what I want every time. But I also like chicken in my pizza which is a no go for most people.
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Honestly, I don't like a whole lot of STUFF on my pizza anyway.

Usually just opt for Pepperonni and/or Sausage.

When I go to "& Pizza" (Assembly Line Pizza chain in DC), I can get any number of options. I usually just get

House Mozz
Black Pepper
Chilli Oil
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Pineapple is just wrong on a pizza. Reminds of when Kramer from Seinfeld wanted to put Cucumber on his Pizza.

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What is the nt consensus about pineapple on a pizza
Hawaiian is classic, any thing else tho naaaa. Try a Hawaiian with BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce next time it's pretty good actually.

White slice with pepperoni and gyro meat is ****ing flames tho
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What is the nt consensus about pineapple on a pizza
Tried's good but will never order a pie of it

1. Garlic and onion
2. Sausage mushroom
3. Black olives mushroom

** I like broccoli too

The best pizza I ever had is in south jersey at a flea market..they make it Brooklyn-style (Sicilian)..I only had it plain..something about the sauce..ill order a pie and keep it in the freezer ..the flea market is today actually..might go
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