::Official Regional Air Jordan I post 5/26/07::

Dec 14, 1999
I can't recall when the last time there was FIVE major retro releases in one day. Yeah, they're low top Air Jordan I's, but they're still a retro.

These will be (supposedly) released to the regional areas specified. I don't know the exact break-down of where each shoe will end up, so you may want to call your spots ahead of time to verify. I'm sure eastbay, footlocker, champs, and finishline will carry these. With past regional releases, depending on where you live, will determine what shoes you get.


DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BUY/SELL/TRADE in this post! Please use the buy/sell forums or ebay for your trades. I know it's going to be tempting because some of you are gonna want what other regions are getting, however, don't get caught up making that mistake here. YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED. I CAN GUARANTEE THAT. That means NO pointing to your own signature, NO offers. If you need to PM someone, do it privately.

05/26/2007 Air Jordan Retro 1 Low (North Side)
309192-131 White/Deep Forest-Light Graphite

05/26/2007 Air Jordan Retro 1 Low (East Side)
309192-161 White/Varsity Red-Varsity Royal

05/26/2007 Air Jordan Retro 1 Low (West Side)
309192-172 White/Varsity Maize-University Blue

05/26/2007 Air Jordan Retro 1 Low (South Side)
309192-171 White/Stealth-Varsity Red

05/26/2007 Air Jordan Retro 1 Low
309192-001 Black/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red

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First post why not start off with this. Coppin the grey/dark green 1s from eastbay. they look clean. will match my grey green jordan t shirt and my sk 3 LRG.
Wait a minute! I ordered Black retro 1's low from uptempoair.com. But the aj 1 low on uptempo had a red sole, not a black one. Which one am I getting???? They come tomorrow.
Me: copping east side and the black/reds.

Black reds actually look real good in person. and the sole is actually transparent with little designs on the sole. And its pretty weird, copping from Australia and we are getting the whole regional Lows in "installments". Not getting them all at once. Good for the pocket I guess.
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I want to like the black/red(they have a red sole for those that wonder and read), but I can't.

Maybe I'll pick them up on sale, because I don't see any of these 1's selling out, which is sad because they only have to sell in 1 area of the country.

can't say I'm shocked though.
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the red ones look like skater shoes, etnies airwalks etc. they are all aight and at least are a decent price. $90 isnt too bad.
They are all horrible, but if I had to make a choice I'd go with the Southsides

lawinnn, the black retro 1's have a clear red sole
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Wanted the North Sides cuz I'm from the North and the East Sides cuz of the color, but I think I'm going to put them on layaway or wait for them to hit sale price...if that doesnt happen oh well I got both LS 1 and 2 OLNL so I'm good on 1s if it goes down like that...not big on 1 lows, but $90 isnt bad at all 8)
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I can't recall when the last time there was FIVE major retro releases in one day.

Pretty MINOR releases if you ask me...These are all wack
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The only good pairs atleast to me are the black/red and the westside 1 low's the rest are for Michael Jordans divorce,
women 20 years and younger and gambling fund.

uta and pys has them for sale and my local spot (gettaclue) will have them too. Why the release dates say its gonna be june. i was planning to get them in june but i might not now since so many shoes coming out. gettin the blk/reds for sure and maybe westsides...all the other ones are too plain.
the west side and Black/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red are definitely copped. I think the westside is a good shoe in the summer here in the west coast.
saw the xiii inspired ones today at my local FL. they're ok, but no thank you.

the one they had one display is already mishaped, little bubble crease on the toe box.

and they don't even reflect that much, unless my flash just sucks...

I would rather have these:


I am passing on all the Regional 1's.
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would any of the major retailers like footlocker and footaction transfer over a regional shoe not scheduled to release at the certain area to another store? (e.g. California FL ships it's regional shoe out to a NY footlocker)
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personally, id think the East sides look the best out of all them. but i live on the WEST side, soooo i still dont know if i will cop or not. and ooIRON MANoo i got the neptunes so no worries :lol:
Having tried on the black / reds i can safely say that these are alright really nothing special would rather have a pair of Air Force 1s to be honest as they are far comfier than this dunk i mean Jordan 1.......

Thankfully being in the EU i only have to avoid the black red until its cheap as we're not getting anything else
for those of u who copped the red/black 1's already (they're known as 'inlines') like i did
do u guys know if the material on the toebox creases?
cause im one of those people that walks like an idiot to keep shoes from creasing
I think JB has gone crazy this year ... He has release back to back to back to back Js has try to push ODD colors for OJ and now he is trying to make the Low a NIKE DUNK Special .. BAH .. PASS ON THESE ... the Southside are the best IMO but I rather just buy some SB dunks ...
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