OFFICIAL San Antonio Sneaks Up Sneaker Show Post Apr.15 2007

Nov 14, 2004
I know the event is still a month away, but we are just spreading the word early enough so people can plan accordingly. Expect surprises, nice giveaways in the raffle, guest DJ's, and just a great atmosphere hosted by the local SA heads. Again, the show is not a competition, just showing love to the sneaker culture.

Calling DALLAS, HOUSTON, CORPUS, and the rest of the great state of Texas, come, represent, and have a great time. Best of all, the event is all ages and FREE! If you have any questions, feel free to inbox myself or T21D, or shoot an email to Other contacts can be found on the flyer below... Check out the myspace! Hope to see you there!



/OG in the hood "A".../
the best thing about this show is how dedicated the SA heads are to the local scene. come out and show your love for the culture. respect. - mike
Too bad Dallas doesn't have any interest or a shoe game!
"Where'd you get those?"- Bobbito Garcia
I'll be there!! I'm from Austin and I recognize that this guys put a lot of effort organizing this, Big thumbs up for SA shoeheads!
Guys, I posted a topic on the Uptempoair Forums in General Section for all the Texas UTA'ers to come and also will be posting in the Flipjays Forum and ISS.
Left some flyers at Active Athelete yesterday, and I'm finishing up my runs later today and the rest of the week. Like it was stated before:
"You have HOUSTON's support!!"
I dropped some flyers off at SF2 for you guys on Saturday before the 104.9FM Block Party.
I saw Chamillionaire up in there.

How did the Dallas run go???

Reppin H-Town, TX on NT since 2001
Any after party plans? I'm trying to make it out to this event, I missed the last one due to me being in Austin, but now I'm back in SA and looking forward to the event.
Wanted to thank for the hospitality that H-town and Big D gave us.I can't help but to reiterate and give props to Premium Goods(Jen), The Source boardshop via BlueSupermario, Kicks/Atheletes Foot crew and Kadoma and the AF1 Ueno cat. In Big D- Darren @ Adikt- thanks for the donation for the show, Marcusatx @1180- straight gangsta mi amigo, nucleus and infrared( long live PENTAGON records) If I missed anyone, a million sorries to y'all. Hope to see you guys to our humble abode and I'm sure it will be memorable.

I also took a trip to the Valley the weekend before, hope y'all got the flyers as well.

Peace and may your sneakers not crease.
"Where'd you get those?"- Bobbito Garcia
Just saw the post on UTA and ISS. I tried to register for these 2 forums years ago, but i never received the confirmation email to post. Anyways, Big thanks to Chase Cheese for posting. and thanks again to the spots/NTers from Houston and Dallas. maybe mr. TD can post his pics soon...

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well first off i know fred thanked every one but i have 2 dew da same thing.......big thanks 2 gorge for showing us around da H and mad thanks 2 kadoma and da other sneaker heads that took time out and came 2 meet up with us mad love 2 yall.....big thanks 2 KICKS for showing us love and of course cant 4get JEN at PRIEMIUM 4 being so on 2 da D .....big thank 2 DARAN at ADITIK 4 leting us chille and talk in his store.....also thanks goes out to NUCLEUS and INFO RED...and i cant 4 get MARCUS at 1180 thats one REAL dudE..............OH KAY OH KAY LETS GET DOWN 2 DA LATES UPDATES...EVERY ONE THAT IS PLANNING TO SHOW THERE KICKS MUST RSVP BY MARCH 31,2007 THAT IS DA LAST DAY.....SO PLEASE CONTACT NORM BY THEN OR FELL FREE 2 SHOOT ME A EMAIL...( .......AGAIN PLEASE KEEP IN MIND IT IS NOT AN COMPETION ............JUST ALL LOVE.......PEACE AND ONE OF ONES.....
Here are the behind the scenes pics from the KENS TV Great Day SA segment for the show. Had a great time, everyone at KENS was really cool, the host was a looker, and Ant Dogg and Norm did a great job in front of the camera. Also want to thank T21D, tellyjesko, Spurfan21, Shawn, Magic rudy, Jesse, Coco, and Art for coming through showing support and also sitting in as the studio audience...I taped the show via DVD so im trying to convert so i can upload the segment on youtube. So bear with me...










The weatherman rockin Board Flips...





Shawn looking like Judas at the Last Supper, lol


Joseph on sports, David as lead anchorman, and myself as chief meteorologist...


/OG in the hood "A".../
just to reiterate what aaron said thanks so much for the whole crew comin out and supporting the cause as well as flashing some heat.the show is gonna be unbelieveable and its all because of this awesome communtiy that has built up in such little time.Thanks guys and big up to ant and joesuf for getting the ball rolling.....peace
Hope I get to make it to the show. If I knew for sure I would be willing to display some of my kicks. Looks like its gonna be great.
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