Official Terrible Movies Thread!!!


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I watched this abomination called “Open House”, this movie (with the kid from 13 reasons why) I thought looked interesting enough. It had no plot, no climax, no end, it kinda just stopped. I was left so confused, i had to google it.

& today with this freaking gem, it’s called “The Disappointments Room”. It was so trash I had to make a thread, I don’t know how these things are getting a pass, when this thing couldn’t even pass for a movie!!!
Movie had so much potential and just bombed, didn’t have 1 scare, acting was trash, and just left a bad taste in my mouth.

we need to make a list of bad films so we don’t have to waste anymore life on these joints, cause holy crap. Sorry if there’s already a thread.
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Eva Greens bewbs saved this from being 100% forgettable.


the first movie i ever walked out of before finishing.


This might be the 2nd movie ove ever walked out of. So cringey that i cant remember.


Anthony Hopkins.Merlin. King Arthur. Stonehenge. Excalibur. Robots. Wahlberg. Michael Bay..........that list is craaaazy (Mal voice)
The final battle is cool tho.

ill post more as they come to me.
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The Rhythm Section with Blake Lively. I kept seeing previews for it when I was at the movie theater. I like the Taken movies and the Bourne trilogy so I thought it had potential. It was only in theaters a week and was the worst grossing movie of all time. Still, I felt the need to rent it for $6 at home and prove the doubters wrong. Worst. Movie. Ever.
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I haven't looked in to it or know the exact reason why but there's an entire market for trash movies. Like on purpose trash.

Think the distributor or produce somehow makes a profit just by making the movie to give a reason of why it exists.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus Christ. That's a true terrible movie.

The Twilight movies. To this day the only movie I've seen that gave me a headache.

I've seen a good deal of trash movies and most I delete from my memory so I don't recall the names. I'd have to be reminded.
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I’ve walked out on 2 movies...ever.

The Aristocrats (2005) - Flat out walked out and chilled with friends in the lobby.

Van Helsing (2004) - Lost interest and we started an ice throwing fight when our soda cups were empty.
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Original Gangstas

I was mad hyped to see this movie in theaters in the spring of 1996 and never got the chance to see it. Saw it about a year or two later on Starz and I dodged a big bullet. Braxton from the Jamie Foxx Show played the main villian :rofl:
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Ok so i just saw this and it was so bad i felt i had to say something.

I watched this with a few people because it was on tv and it was so bad it actually brought us closer together somehow.
The preview said this film was 1 star and i thought to myself "theres no way its ONE star lol"

There was definitely a way.

I wouldnt recommend this to anyone and for those who have not seen it please avoid it.
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