Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

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can anyone tell me if the black and purple threes are releasing tomorrow and if so where? I’m not seeing it on the footlocker app
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Anyone purchase from StockX recently? Beyond the fees on their site - were that any additional brokerage fees upon delivery? Thanks in advance!
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Huge thanks man! Was able to grab my 9.5 at Sherway about an hour ago - first day that mall was open until 9 pm. Employee said only one size run of the infrareds (?).

Side note -they had some random fall releases for 40% off - like the AM 90 and AF 1 Craters.

Another sale was 25% off when you buy two or more items - tech fleece and new release footwear excluded. Sage AM1 and NRG AM1 were part of this sale:
Where is this?
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With the lockdown in full effect starting Monday for 28 days, what does that mean for next Saturdays release of the Jordan 4 and other kicks? PM me if you have any idea, looking to grab the 4’s and 1’s. Buddy of mine just called Footlocker in Oshawa as that’s where he lives and they told him online release.
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Rare visit, Nike outlet you didn't have to line up for what a rare concept. Back in the day, when Burloak was the only Nike outlet spot, Cookstown didn't count(still doesn't lol) there were gems to be found

Lebron 8 red sz 8 3x pairs
Jordan 6 Denim sz 8 1x
Jordan 7 Hare Women's sz 8
3x Kyrie 6 or 7 I dunno anymore they all look the same
Zoom Fly 3 Hakone in random szs
Some tech fleece and they had the regular fleece in all the CW's
Hash was barren 30% off

Black Friday supposedly starts tomorrow with 30% off the whole purchase


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Marshalls at hillcrest mall had various leafs jerseys, with and without names (tavares, matthews, reilly) in various sizes. Home and away. Think no name was 99.99 and name was 109.99
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Gold tags for sure. But sponsor patch? As per the Real Sport page...maybe? Probably? Some pics have it, some don’t.

I personally think the RS ones will, as they have in the past (best to call to inquire). But for $60 more though? Ouch!
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