Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

Anyone plan on going?

Want to see if they have any nocta glide in stock

Anyone go to the sale? How was it?

I went. They got varsity jackets for $550 which is a good deal. Among the varsities that I saw were: roots, nhl original 6 (no leafs), nfl, nba, looney toons, raptors all leather, and other various ovo. Nothing good for shoes - only thing above size 8 men’s were slides.

Hoodies and crews are $80. Lots of nba and looney tunes collabs.

Pants are $70. Long sleeve tees are $40. I think tees are like $30.

People there go there without any hygiene though. Smells nasty
Is there any other footlocker outlet store around? I remember there was one in Dixie Outlet mall and they had good pairs there, but they already closed.
What’s the bred 4 situation looking like this weekend? Is everything getting backdoored or gonna sit?
Hit on Footlocker reservation this morning at 9:00am. Glad I didn’t wake up early or ventured out to try and secure a pair.
Anybody have info on Kobe release dates in Canada and who will have them?
In-store and online raffle for Livestock for the VB.
Online raffle for the VB at FL.
In-store raffle for the VB at Size
Italian Camos will be at Size and Livestock at some point, but not this Saturday.
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