Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

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At first I thought it was because stockx was blocking my payment due to me entering a jersey address and my credit card have a billing address of NY. But then I saw that they accepted that same form of payment with the BC3, and then later on today.

All that trouble just to avoid sales tax.... it’s a killer
Yeah, I got a fraud alert text from PayPal and accepted the charges and tried again, again & again. I had like 12 charges pending on my card but they didnt go through for whatever reason. Idk if they are trying harder to prevent fraud but they are messing up their actual customers...GOAT was cheaper anyways lol
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Same size yet different looking shoes

IDK why everyone says they`re the same.....They`re not. mens pairs are a totally different mold and will naturally be wider than kids sizes. In theory, they`re the same length wise, but they are NOT the same width wise.

Different can see how much cheaper the GS pair looks. Thats why there is a price difference. (also, there are definitely more 7Y than Mens 7, as always with any jordan shoe)
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I did this for shoes back in the day when I was a size 7 for like 2-3 years. I would get the 7Y because it was obviously cheaper and also because size 7 mens is not that easy to find.

I remember getting the Green Bean 5's in 7Y, and was disappointed that the shoe wasn't full 3M like the adult sizes
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I wouldn't pay over $100 for most Jordan 1 lows.

Travis did a great job on these, so I'd say around $500 would be fair for them (which is a little crazy for a low, IMO). Anything higher is just plain nuts for a low, to me. But obviously everyone has different tastes.
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