OG Nike Air Jordan III Retro True Blue BLACK FRIDAY '16


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These are on SNS for $189 which is below retail for anyone who still wants these.
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Got 'em. This seemed like an easy release. No disrespect to anyone who didn't hit, of course. 
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First cop from FNL and first add to cart on FTL all year. Not sure if its the new verizon internet from time warner or is it the lack of hype. Maybe both
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Since I went thru the SNKRS mobile app and got hit with the pending and am STILL waiting, should I give it a try on the desktop? Or will that mess everything up and I shouldn't risk it?
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THey`re not selling out..........Nike is giving the fake "Sold out" to create panic. Watch........FSR available this afternoon, lol. Thats what they did with the 9s last week. Yall just keep falling for it, haha.
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These were sitting at Villa in Ann Arbor's Briarwood Mall. I looked over the display pair, and I don't think the material is better than the 2011's. The elephant print was smeared in one spot on the toe too. There's no way I could bring myself to paying retail for these.
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Got hit with the "Didn't get em" from SNKRS also. I'm pretty sure it was just the initial hit of people trying to buy. These seems pretty readily available. Anyways missed on my size 10 on SNS, $199 shipped is a pretty good price. Ended up copping on Ruvilla so at least saved on shipping and tax.
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Got um but really not happy with the reports of quality. This is my favorite Jordan ever. So I was pulled in regardless. If they are on par with 2011 I'll keep them. It's a shame. This year was a banner year for me and JB after my boycott since about 2013. Banned/Bred 1's ,Black Toe 1's, Cement IV's were all copped and I was very happy with them all. Hopefully I get a decent pair or as much as it pains me I'll ship them back to Nike. Sorry for the sob story...lol hopefully everybody copped who wanted them.
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Yeah guys...SNS is legit. I would have grabbed a pair from there but they don't have size 15.
Have you bought from them before? This is my first time purchasing from. Had to double up. I'm going to wear these till the paint flys off like my blk cements.
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