Oh Boy.. Breaking News: US Soldier Goes On A Shooting Spree In Iraq Clinic. Kills 4 US Soldiers

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[h1]U.S. Soldier Kills 4 Colleagues, Himself at Baghdad Base[/h1]
Monday, May 11, 2009

DEVELOPING: A U.S. soldier gunned down four of his fellow troops and then killed himself at a stress clinic at the Camp Liberty military base in Baghdad, FOX News confirmed.

The military said in a statement that the shooting occurred at about 2 p.m. Monday at the base, located near Baghdad International Airport.

No further details were released.

Gotta wait for more details to come out but wow.... now we went from shooting sprees at universities, churches & etc onour homeland to even shootings in our military bases in another country. Guess that soldier reached a breaking point but to kill fellow soldiers aswell thatare enduring the same mental pain... wow
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Their mental mindstates are unstable. Still no excuse but

I feel for those who lost family/loved ones in this
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you dont understand what kinda stress they go to. thats like the worst stress on earth. watching your friends, the ones who you depend on having your backblown up into pieces. arms & legs amputated in front of their face from grenades. watching dozens of people being shot. the adrenaline rush in the battlefield. this is like permanent psychological stress. you wont forget. they would all most likely have P.T.S.D when they get back.

he went crazy cause it got to him.
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I pray for the fallen soldiers.

It's wild that I should see something like this, because a lot of the troops have already started to get back and things are already testy out here. TheWal-Mart looked like a block on fire Saturday night...


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well im going in jan.

hopefully i dont break down like that out there, which i doubt because i have been through a lot through my whole life.


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Originally Posted by XCellzisCrack

why does he even have his weapon inside the stress clinic??
Seriously, it would seem obvious that you remove firearms from people in that area.

chi ill

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& they're still in war for NO apparent reason .

I wanna see how this is going to look 50 years from now .
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Originally Posted by MILLION DOLLAR STACKS

if they bring them dudes home #%+% like this wouldnt happen!
There have been cases where returning soldiers have killed loved ones and friends.
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