Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

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Master Zik Master Zik 's All-time film list:

Sports--When we Were Kings
Drama--Malcolm X
Comedy--Groundhog Day
Horror--The Fly
Thriller--Cape Fear (OG)
Crime--The Maltese Falcon
Sci-Fi--Star Trek: First Contact
Western--The Wild Bunch
Comics--Black Panther
CageGOD--Matchstick Men

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C CP1708
Sports--White Men Can't Jump
Drama--The Departed
Sci-Fi--Star Wars
Western--Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Comics--Avengers: Infinity War
Utility--True Romance

I'm pretty happy. Spread out better than I thought I would have.

2 70's
1 80's
4 90's
2 00's
3 10's

In our individual drafts we did,
Star Wars went #2 in 70's
Goodfellas went #2 in 90's
Seven went #5 in 90's
Gladiator went #1 in 00's
The Departed went #5 in 00's
Inception went #11 in 00's

The ones NOT listed there, are Halloween, Avengers Infinity War, Ghostbusters, and White Men Can't Jump.

That would make True Romance the "weakest" film I have. Had Tarantino directed that instead of just writing it, it would have been a first round pick. And it's probably my favorite movie out of the other 10 after Star Wars.
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nice dolphin nice dolphin is staking his claim for having best team :emoji_astonished:

nice dolphin nice dolphin ‘s Murderers’ Row w/ corresponding RT scores:
Sports--The Hustler 98%
Drama--The Godfather II 97%
Comedy--Grand Budapest Hotel 91%
Horror--Pan's Labyrinth 95%
Thriller--Casino Royale 95%
Crime--On the Waterfront 98%
Sci-Fi--E.T. 98%
Action--LotR: Return of the King 93%
Western--No Country for Old Men 93%
Comics--The Dark Knight 94%
Utility--Y Tu Mama Tambien 92%
Utility--Grave of the Fireflies 98%

A film from every decade stretching from the 50’s to now (with the exception of the 90’s).

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Nice draft fellas! I’ll have my votes in tonight. Sports and comedy was an absolute sham tho. How does Major League not get drafted? Too many comedies to name.

props for speed going, but no Point Break??

May god have mercy on your souls
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I can do the same :lol: :


Master Zik Master Zik 's All-time film list:

Sports--When we Were Kings RT 98%
Drama--Malcolm X RT 88%
Comedy--Groundhog Day RT 96%
Horror--The Fly RT 92%
Thriller--Cape Fear (OG) RT 100%
Crime--The Maltese Falcon RT 100%
Sci-Fi--Star Trek: First Contact RT 93%
Action--Rambo RT 87%
Western--The Wild Bunch RT 93%
Comics--Black Panther RT 97%
Utility--Network RT 92%
Utility--Rope RT 94%
CageGOD--Matchstick Men RT 82%

Stretching from the 40s to now with a surplus from the 90s and only skipping the 50s.

And I wanted to drop Rambo for Goldfinger but decided otherwise.
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Think I got my top 3. Top 5 is too hard let alone ranking everyone.

Strict judging here so not counting movies I haven't seen and just assuming they're great, I had to go with what was the weakest film on y'all lists for w/e catwgory imo.
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Oooh a western I havent seen.

I'm pissed that Shane or The Magnificent Seven was completely snubbed for westerns with all these weirdo westerns and stretches yall managed to select :lol:

Still a good draft
You should see it. Tommy Lee's passion project. He directed it. He actually did Man of the House in order to fund Three Burials.
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