Oreo's albino twin brother ... sooo good

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Originally Posted by Kicktionair

with a tall glass of milk.... dunkin like Lebron all night
^WRONG!!! I bought 3 packs of these the other night (the one where it's 6 cookies per pack) and I only ate 2 packs. These things are not the business. It's partially because I've had the G.O.A.T. of Vanilla sandwich cookies that these Oreo's do nothing for me.

^These + Cold Milk = Heaven

The cream on these is super smooth (no Ayo!) and the actual cookie is delicious with or w/o milk...
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I hope everyone used their free coupons.

I am in LOVE with the Mint Ores. Chocolate Cookie, Mint Creme. Good Grief a Mief
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Originally Posted by vtmn

Jordan of the Oreo game.
Don't they come out at Christmas sometimes? As like, oreo snowflakes or snowballs or snow something? SO tasty.

Also, double stuffed OG FTW. Still eat them even though I'm sort of allergic
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Don't feel bad, I can eat a whole package as well.

Has anyone had the Vanilla Cookie/Choco Creme version?

I have a pack of those but I am probably going to trade those in for another pack of Mints
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