OZARK [A Netflix Original Series | Season 3 | 2019??]

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A Chicago financial advisor who has been quietly laundering money for a drug kingpin, must quickly uproot his kids and move the operation to The Ozarks, after his partner is caught cheating the business. There, he bumps heads with both a local drug dealer whose business he inadvertently interrupts, and a clan of ruffians, led by their 19-year-old niece, who want his money, all the while avoiding the eye of a tenacious FBI agent. He must complete his laundering, to save the life of his family, as they struggle to find their own path in this seemingly foreign way of life.
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Whoa....will definitely watch this over the weekend. Thanks, OP.
Joined Aug 14, 2012
Bruh, I've never been through a show this fast.

I aint even finish IF.

Season finale is 80 mins of FIRE!

Leaves the door open for a second season but I actually feel complete if it was only a mini series.

One throw away episode though.

Other then that 9/10 shows actually was for a reason.

Had no idea about the show until it was up.

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I saw it they added it but didnt think of checking it out till i came in here.

Will watch tonight
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Watched ep 1 last night ... actually not bad so far.

I was expecting a story to be told first but it got real, real fast. I like that.

Had a bad feeling about his buddy the second he started talking to that couple and yup look what he did.
Joined Feb 2, 2014
i don't know why but i enjoy jason bateman playing the same character in every single movie... playing himself it seems like.

good looks..will check this out
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