paypal complaint from FBI??? *+# !

Oct 29, 2004
Dear Pay pal user,

It is important we know the status of the item bought otherwise, legal action may be taken against you since you have not replied to theconfirmation of payment made to your account by our
client via PayPal,werequest for the Tracking Number toprove postage of the item in less than 24hours and we will fund the money into your account or face the consequences of LEGAL ACTION.

We believed you entered into bidding agreement by requesting money through PayPal, and by non response to the payment confirmation made to your account you haveviolated PayPalagreement. However the buyer has already contacted us in other to make report about your non response. We are ensuring to make PayPal a safer place, thereforewe need to set confidence on our users.

Therefore, if your Money is credit into your Account before the shipment of the item, that means the item will not be shipped to the Buyer. From IC3we give you 48hours(2days) to ship the package to the Delivery Address given to you by your buyer, and also send the Shipment Tracking Number immediately tous to verify the shipment.Immediately we confirm the shipping you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your account has been credited.

Failure to Abide to this means your Name and Address will be forward to thelaw enforcement Agencyin your Country to get you Arrested, because you are practicing Scam, And your Account with PayPal willbe BLOCKED, In order to free yourself from this'' Ship the package within 48hours and send the Shipment Tracking to PayPal for them to Verify. If youhave any comment on this issue do not hesitate to contact us.If the information you wish to provide pertains to an emergency situation, please contact us .Although we check our e-mail frequently, we do not consider it to be an alternative to telephonic contact in emergency situations.Feel free to contact usdirectly to this mail

so basically i put an item on craigslist and it was supposed to be $70 but this dude sends me $120 and i had to confirm it and send hsipping track info. i waslike #*%?? and then i find out this guy is from Nigeria. and i decided not to ship and this comes to my email......

#*% do i do? i emailed them back and to the seller that i cant ship it.
I hope you didnt click any links in that e-mail or log into paypal from that e-mail. Looks like a bogus scam e-mail. I received so many of them, paypal alwaysaddress you by your real now. Not "dear paypal user"

I just read more, its def fake. is not a real paypal e-mail address
It's definitly a scam but you should play along. Send them an e-mail saying you shipped the item.including a fake tracking number. Have fun with this
They're tryina rip you off

and the email is this myspace

I think it's safest to always only act through your actual account on the Paypal site and only access the site through a window you open NOT a randomlink.

I used to get fake paypal and ebay emails all the time.
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