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Joined Jan 4, 2006
Im just about to set up a account for Paypal, How many of you are on PayPal and How long did it take to set up and verified your account?
Joined Dec 6, 2005
Ive had paypal since 2001. it took about a month to get verified. I think i called , i cant really recall. Im not confirmed tho. I dont think canadians can have thier accounts confrimed
Joined Mar 5, 2006
I've been using PayPal for a while now - I don't remember the exact year. I have my account verified, and confirmed, but it took a while for my account to be confirmed. I don't want to say a year, but it could have been something like that. PayPal said it's harder to confirm Canadian addresses because of the way information is shared with the Banks, or something like that.
Joined Dec 6, 2005
^^ when i called a few years back they told me i couldnt confrim my account because it was canadian, that must have changed
Joined Jan 12, 2005
Its fairly easy to confirm your address nowadays, just click the CONFIRM LOCATION link on the top left corner once you sign in.

When you first register a credit card with Paypal, it should show you steps to confirm location as well.

If not, then click HELP, CONTACT US and call them for exact instructions.

It should be able to be done right away if its online or if they have to mail info to you, then that should online take a week or so.

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Joined Jul 19, 2005
when you click comfirm adress it will ask for a home number then type it and ti will call you in likle 5-10 mins to comfirm adress but if you are not home it will automatically send a mail to your house with a code to type into paypal then your adress will be comfirm
Joined Feb 2, 2004
didnt want to start a new thread, so...

my listing on ebay just ended for a shoe that went for approximately 400cdn

just got paid by the buyer but the buyer is nonverified on paypal and has a unconfirmed address. less than 10 positive feedback but is currently sitting at 100%.

should i send the shoe to this person in new york? how safe is it with paypal if i have tracking number and receipts for sending the parcel there?
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to get verified it only takes a couple weeks. you need a credit card to get confirmed though
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