PC: 2001 Black/Cement III's - Are these worth $325 shipped?

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I've been looking forever for a DS pair of 2001 Black/Cement III's, and one finally popped up on ebay(actually there's another one in pristine condition but he's asking $650
Anyway, here is the link:


Are these worth $325 shipped??? I don't mind the sticker mark on the toe since I'll be rocking them, but the midsole is pretty damn yellowed.
Yes yes I know it'll yellow anyway if I rocked a brand new pair, but if I were to buy a DS pair I would want to get something that's a bit whiter.
Also, how hard is it to restore the yellowed midsole without repainting it? I appreciate the help guys!
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On most occasions i would say go for it
But thos midsoles are really yellow, and whenever i see a yellow midsole the red flag goes up
They might crack on yo i have seen a few DS crack after first wear, If you want then go for it, just be carefull to not play ball in them, use them for light wears
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Yellowing isn't really a sign of cracking soon, seller probably didn't store them in good conditions.
OP, ask the seller if the midsole is firm/hard or soft. If it's firm/hard then it should be wearable since bubbles are clear.
Most of the 2001 III's are wearable.


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that nike air looks suspect, looks kinda squished or to close or something, correct me if I'm wrong?
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Thanks guys for all your input and help. I just bought it. I will be just wearing it casually so hopefully they'll last me a while. Let's just hope that I can do something about that yellowing.
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