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Aug 3, 2003
Domingo fights Frenchman for WBF title

Last updated 10:09pm (Mla time) 10/02/2006
PHILIPPINE bantamweight king Michael Domingo attempts to become the only Filipino with a world title Tuesday when he takes on Frenchman Frederic Patrac in a 12-round battle for the World Boxing Foundation crown at the Palais Des Sports in Agde, France.

Domingo, who is with manager Sammy Gello-ani and trainer Edmund Villamor, will be seeing action in his first world title fight after defending his RP crown three times.

The native of Libac, Sultan Kudarat, expects the odds to be stacked against him in his battle with the French fighter.

Since their arrival at the Athena Hotel in Agde, where they are billeted, Domingo has been working out at the Center International Tennis Club.

Since joining the SGG Stable, Domingo has been on a streak of eight victories. Salven L. Lagumbay, Contributor


In Tagbilaran a week ago, Czar Amonsot was knocked out in 47 seconds by Indonesian Simson Butar-Butar for the World Boxing Organization Asia-Pacific superfeatherweight crown.

The day before, Amonsot was stripped of the title for weighing in five pounds over the 130-pound limit. Butar-Butar tipped the scales at 128.

At the weigh-in, WBO vice president Leon Panoncillo ruled that if Amonsot wins, the throne would continue to be vacant but if Butar-Butar wins, he would be the new champion.

Three weeks earlier, Amonsot was kicked out of the ALA stable for disciplinary reasons. He was found drinking rum and smoking in the dressing room with fighter Rollen del Castillo and another friend.

No wonder when Amonsot entered the ring to face Butar-Butar, he no longer wore the familiar ALA colors of black and red.

Although he was dropped from the ALA rolls, Amonsot was still allowed to train at the Aldeguer gym in Cebu. He reportedly told his trainer he didnt realize drinking rum would increase his weight.

Amonsot, with his closely-cropped hair dyed blond, looked cocky when he climbed into the ring to battle Butar-Butar, the only fighter who had beaten him previously. It was supposed to be Amonsots night for revenge. He outweighed the Indonesian by seven pounds so that was a distinct advantage.

When the bell rang to start the first round, Amonsot rushed out of his corner with both fists flailing. He probably figured he would try to end the fight early because in his condition, he wouldnt survive a war of attrition. Butar-Butar wasnt fazed by Amonsots assault and waited for an opening to uncork his lethal right. Sure enough, the opening came and Butar-Butar landed a right smack on the jaw.

Amonsot, 21, went down with a thud. He tried to beat referee Bruce McTavishs count but couldnt. Twice, Amonsot struggled to get on his feet and twice, he stumbled on rubbery legs like a drunk with his head spinning around. After stopping the fight, McTavish tried to keep Amonsot on the ground, holding him down, and quickly called for the ringside physician. McTavishs gesture was another proof of why hes touted to be one of the worlds outstanding referees today.

Amonsots mother was hysterical at ringside. She had never seen her son in such a state of discombobulation. Aldeguer rushed to her side to calm her down.

Later, Amonsot apologized to Aldeguer for his behavior and said he would take a long rest from boxing before making a comeback. He learned a bitter lesson that night. He lost his pride before his once adoring hometown fans and it will take a lot of doing to regain his stature.


Marquezs camp not taking Filipino Jimrex Jaca lightly

Cebu Daily News
Last updated 10:43am (Mla time) 09/29/2006
THE MANAGER of WBO interim featherweight champ Juan Manuel Marquez has announced that they are not taking lightly Filipino Jimrex Jaca, describing the southpaw from Negros Oriental as a "top level, difficult opponent."

The 23-year-old Jaca will attempt to become the only Filipino world title holder when he challenges Marquez on Oct. 21 at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas, USA.

Ignacio 'Nacho" Beristain, who trains and manages Marquez, has informed that Jaca will pose a difficult fight owing to his southpaw stance and his ability to move constantly on the ring.

Beristain also noted that Jaca punches with a high accuracy rate, although he is confident his ward will be able to solve Jaca's style.

"Juan Manuel has been touring across the US to promote his fight with Jaca, but his promoter Oscar De la Hoya has made sure we are treated well and able to do the workouts," Beristain stressed.

Marquez (45-3-1, 34 KOs) gained notoriety among Filipino fight fans after he survived three knockdowns in the first round scored by Manny Pacquiao in 2004, and went on to earn a draw by outboxing the fire-breathing Filipino icon.

The power-hitting Jaca (27-2-1, 12 KOs), nicknamed "The Executioner" is a protege of Cebu boxing manager Rex 'Wakee' Salud.

"I am not fazed by the reputation of Marquez. Many people have given me a very slight chance of beating him. But reputation is nothing. When we meet, it will only be the two of us. His reputation can't help him," reacted Jaca when told of fan reactions to his title crack.

Meanwhile, Jaca's manager Wakee Salud, in an earlier interview, had informed that Jaca is set to visit the US Embassy within this week to iron out his visa requirements, before leaving for the United States. The Marquez bout will be Jaca's second appearance in the US, following his impressive debut last January 21 underneath the Manny Pacquiao-Erik Morales showdown.

Correspondent Salven Lagumbay


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I hope Jaca wins! :D
i saw him fight before the pacquiao/larios fight...dude is serious business, i hope he wins also...
Michael Domingo lost 9th round KO... reports was he didn't show the heart of a Pinoy during his fight :smh:
Just threw 2 punches then backed off... French guy had no power too... somehow, he got Mike with a combo then Mike succumbed to the canvas... Michael Domingo trains harder than ANY boxer at the ALA stable so i don't understand why he was so pathetic... i got to wait till they get back to get the inside story

Czar Amonsot, you gotta wake up! He started the year great with a couple of wins in Vegas and Manila! Then he lost his belt at the weigh in for being 5lbs overweight! Saddest part of him losing was the site of his mother crying hysterically! Czar's got alot of talent but yeah, he's got attitude problems plus drinking and drug use while training 2 weeks before his fight! And Rollen Del Castillo... he trains like there is no tomorrow! And understanbly since he's got no fight yet, he's having a few drinks... just don't include your stablemate who's fight was in a couple of weeks!

Win or lose... i'm still gonna support Czar and Michael...

I don't know Jimrex Jaca... so i got no inside news on him.... but good luck against Marquez!
Czar's got alot of talent but yeah, he's got attitude problems plus drinking and drug use while training 2 weeks before his fight!

What??? That's sad... Success got him intoxicated...
I hope he wakes up before its too late!
Donaire quits, claims broken jaw by butting

The Philippine Star 10/08/2006

Glenn (The Filipino Bomber) Donaire showed no heart in claiming he suffered a broken jaw because of a headbutt and walked out a loser by technical decision in failing to wrest the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and International Boxing Organization (IBO) flyweight crown from Vic Darchinyan at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas last Saturday night (yesterday morning, Manila).

Donaire, who is from General Santos City like Manny Pacquiao, found a convenient excuse to finish the scheduled 12-round fight on his feet. Referee Tony Weeks waved off the bout at 1:27 of the sixth round with Donaire unable to continue due to a supposedly broken jaw inflicted by what ringside reporters said was a "phantom" headbutt.

Under the Nevada State Athletic Commission rules, a fight that is stopped because of an injury caused by an accidental headbutt after four rounds is decided by the scorecards.

Darchinyan was the runaway winner on points as the three judges scored identical 60-53 shutouts. Donaire was decked in the fourth round by a right hook from Darchinyan, a southpaw.


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he looked kinda silly during the fight suddenly turning his back on his opponent... kinda like a kid who got bullied then told his parents "he hurt me" :rolleyes
To his defense though he had blood pouring from his mouth...

When he fought Z Gorres last year... he did the same thing... only on the first round. He kept repeating "my eye hurts, my eye hurts!" Gorres told him "it hurts because i friggin punched you!" Same thing happened... ref stopped the fight because Donaire's hurt... Donaire's father told Gorres after the fight "Kong wala gi stop ang duwa, mo lingaw gyud ka sa akong anak" "If the fight wasn't stopped, you would have enjoyed my son" :lol:
Bautista back in ring vs Brazilian

Bohol boxing sensation Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista looks forward to a brand-new start when he battles Brazilian bomber Giovanni Andrade on Dec. 2 at the St. Peter Times Forum in Tampa, Florida.

"The opponent for Bautista will be the same guy we wanted for September. He is ready and able for Dec. 2 in Tampa Bay, Florida," said Golden Boy Promotions vice president and matchmaker Eric Gomez in his e-mail to Bautistas manager Michael Aldeguer.

Bautista was supposed to face Andrade in the undercard of the Marco Antonio Barrera-Rocky Juarez rematch last Sept. 16 in Las Vegas, but the Boholano ring star sustained a hairline fracture in his right clavicle during training.

Bautista was also forced to withdraw from his fight against Mexican Alejandro Felix Montiel in the undercard of Manny Pacquiao-Oscar Larios showdown last July 2 at the Araneta Coliseum because of viral infection.

Now back in the groove, Bautista cant wait to show his ring savvy again. The last time he saw action was last May 20 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles where he knocked out Roberto Bonilla in round three.


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Here's a preview of Z Gorres, AJ Banal, Mark Jason Melliguen's fight card this Oct 21 :D


By Salven L. Lagumbay
12 Oct 2006

WBO no. 1 superfly Z "The Dream' Gorres and young phenom AJ 'Bazooka' Banal looked great at a public sparring session held last Tuesday inside the swanky Fight Club, even as Mark Jason Melliguen proved true to his billing as the next big thing in Philippine boxing.

Gorres looked terrific sparring against superbantamweight Weng Haya, Banal and Sherwin Paro, as he plans to dish out some kind of punishment on Indonesian Sonny Manakane in the mainer of the 'War in the Ring' card on October 21 in Mandaue City.

ALA Boys Z Gorres (right) and AJ Banal spars at the FightClub Gym in Banilad, Cebu City. Photo by Dong Secuya.

Banal also looked impressive against Gorres, Haya and Paro, as he trains his sights on putting up a rude welcome on Indonesian Angky Angkota also on October 21.

Melliguen, for his part, made passers-by stop with his power as he worked on the mitts with Freddie Roach-protege Edito 'Ala' Villamor.

Hot welter prospect Mark Jason Melliguen (right) spars with stablemate Glenn Masicampo. Photo by Dong Secuya.

Gorres and Banal, if their visa applications get approved, are set to depart for the United States on October 25 with Rey 'Boom Boom' Bautista and Villamor to further hone their skills under Roach at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the Bacolod City-raised Melliguen is set to move down into the junior welterweight ranks, as he sets to conquer the 140-lb division, said his manager Antonio L. Aldeguer.

"He's really natural junior welter, that's his perfect weight class," informed Aldeguer during the public sparring session.

"That's a very lucrative weight class in the United States, but also very deep and competitive," added promoter Sammy Gello-ani, who plans on making Melliguen his next superstar.

However, the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines (ABAP) is expected to contribute to Melliguen's career potential by returning to the fighter his passport, which until now has remained unreturned by ABAP's training staff.

"It's a violation of his right for them not to return his passport. They could be sued for that," said a top-notch lawyer from Cebu who was watching Melliguen spar with Glen Masicampo


AJ vs. Z


MJ Melliguen (facing camera) vs Glen Masicampo
dako wrote:
yo feathertouch... i see your a boxing fan too... Do you ever check out
Not as big a fan as you. My Lolo loves boxing and was a boxer at one time, though he did not get far. It was he who got me into watching fights. I check out Philboxing from time to time.


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My Lolo loves boxing and was a boxer at one time, though he did not get far. It was he who got me into watching fights. I check out Philboxing from time to time.

thats cool :D
Filipino lolo's are :pimp:
But then Filipino lolo's that used to be boxers are :pimp:
Jaca will miss title fight in US
The Freeman 10/18/2006

Jimrex "The Executioner" Jaca's WBO featherweight title shot against reigning champion Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico has been called off because of his failure to secure a US visa in time for the October 21 battle at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas.

"We have no other choice than to cancel the fight because Jaca failed to get a US visa," said noted Cebuano promoter Rex "Wakee" Salud, Jaca's manager.

"Even if he can secure a visa today, still I won't let him fight due to the proximity of the fight date. I don't want him to be like a dead meat being fed to a hungry lion," added Salud.

Jaca, was so saddened by the missed opportunity. He would have received US$50,000 (P2.55M) in only his second bout in the US, the first resulted in a smashing first round knockout of Geronimo Hernandez last January 21 in Las Vegas.

"The chance to fight for a world championship comes only once in a blue moon. It really pains me a lot thinking that the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity suddenly slipped out of your hands for reasons beyond your control," said Jaca.

"Maybe, I'll just have to wait for another chance if there's still one coming up for me," said Jaca, who beat Hector Javier Marquez by seventh round technical decision in his previous bout last July 2 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Jaca had an appointment at the US Embassy in Manila yesterday afternoon purportedly to get his visa, but went home empty-handed.

"I showed up at the US Embassy this afternoon (yesterday) only to be told that my name was not on the computer. They then asked me to come back to their office at 10 am tomorrow (today)," Jaca told The Freeman in a long-distance phone call.

"I really tried my best to convince the embassy officials that I will be in the US purely for boxing purpose only and nothing else. I even showed them documents that I had already fought in the States, but it did not bring any good to me," added Jaca.

Interestingly, Jaca's trainer Roberto Bubuli, Jr. was granted a US visa last Monday. They applied together last October 13, incidentally a "Friday the 13th."

"Unfortunately, most of those who applied for visa on that day were denied. My trainer Bubuli just got lucky. He somewhat hit a jackpot," said Jaca.

Instead of a long, energy-sapping trip to Texas, Jaca is homeward bound this afternoon, pondering perhaps on what future holds for him.


Damn! I was really waiting for this fight.


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By Salven L. Lagumbay
20 Oct 2006

Undefeated Rey 'Boom Boom' Bautista wowed the crowd that trooped to the Fight Club in Banilad, Cebu yesterday, as he knocked out one sparmate, and engaged in torrid exchange of leathers with two more sparmates in his first public appearance since injuring his right collarbone that cancelled an scheduled fight in the US.

Now healthy and ready to rumble, Bautista is booked to face Brazilian Giovanni Andrade on December 2 at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida underneath the Golden Boy Promotions card headlining Winky Wright against the very dangerous Ike 'Bazooka' Quartey.

Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista (left) decks sparring mate Leon Maratas who got hit at the right rib cage with a vicious left uppercut. Photo by Dong Secuya.

At yesterday's public sparring session, Bautista wasted no time in showcasing his power, knocking out Leon Maratas with a big left to the body in the second round.

Bautista then took on Reman Salim for two rounds, before finally facing Mark John Yap also for two rounds.

The charismatic young fighter then obliged for photo and autograph requests from fans.

However, the one fight that Bautista is salivating over is against WBO superbantam champ Daniel Ponce De Leon, who has made erroneous claims that Bautista has been running away from him, three times.

"Why should I be scared of him? Who is he? We can even fight tomorrow if he wants," said the gutsy fighter from Candijay, Bohol.

Bautista said that contrary to Ponce De Leon's claim, it's the champion who seems to be ducking him.

"I met him one time, and I looked at him straight in the eye, and he had this scared look. The truth is, Ponce De Leon is not unbeatable. He could not even touch my stablemate Z Gorres when they sparred!" Bautista said.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's Angky "Time Bomb" Angkota also impressed the crowd with his variety of shots showcased in a punchmitt session with his trainer Errol Van Room.

Angkota, who is dedicating tomorrow's fight for his baby named DelaAngkota, faces the vastly-talented Alex John 'Bazooka' Banal in the night's co-featured 10-rounder in Mandaue City


I saw that KO up close (i'm in the pic, lol) Boom2 got him with a left upper to his ribs.... Poor guy had trouble breathing
Gorres, Banal maul Indons; ALA Boys Melligen, Melindo and Omanz also victorious in 'War in the Ring' card
By Emmanuel B. Villaruel
The Freeman 10/23/2006

In a splendid display of boxing skills, ALA stalwarts Z "The Dream" Gorres and Alex John "Bazooka" Banal bested their top caliber Indonesian foes to the delight of the mammoth crowd that filled every nook and cranny of the Mandaue City Cultural and Sports Complex the other night.

Gorres proved he is ready for a world title shot after dismantling Indonesian super bantamweight champion Sonny Manakane in round four, while Banal showed he's already fit to venture into bigtime boxing in the United States after disposing off the iron-chinned IBF Pan-Pacific light flyweight titlist Angky Angkota via a lopsided 10-round shutout.

Gorres dished out a resounding performance that completely awed the spectators. Making the most out of his all-around ring brilliance, the well-liked Mandaue City fighter punished Manakane with an assortment of head and body shots in the first three rounds.

Gorres kept his relentless attack in the fourth round where he flustered the taller and bigger Manakane with solid punches in rapid succession, prompting the Indonesian's corner to throw in the towel.

Interestingly, the carnage continued before referee Tony Pesons eventually waved off the bout at the 1:11 mark of that round.

Gorres, who improved to 25-1-1 now with 14KOs, trains his sights next on a mandatory title crack at the WBO super flyweight crown currently held by Mexican Fernando "Cochulito" Montiel.

"I'm very ready and excited to fight for a world championship. This is really what I've been preparing for," said Gorres.

If plans won't miscarry, international promoter Sammy Gello-ani said Gorres is slated to vie for the WBO title on December 15 with no confirmed venue. The match will be broadcast on television by the Mexico-based Telemundo.

"That is the initial plan, but nothing is final yet because we still have to find out all the developments that may arise from the WBO convention which will start this Monday in Florida, USA," said Gello-ani.

In the supporting main event of the "War in the Ring," the 17-year-old Banal was made to work to the limit before getting past the very game Angkota.

Before taking full command of the bout, Banal went through some scary moments when he was wobbled by Angkota's right uppercut in the first round.

After that, Banal toyed with Angkota in a dominating fashion on the way to a one-sided unanimous decision victory. The official scores were 99-90, 100-89, and 98-91 as the pride of Corella, Bohol kept his undefeated record at 10-0-1 with 8KOS.

Despite the "Bazooka" misfired on his target to diffuse the Indon "Time Bomb" by knockout, ALA chief trainer Edito Villamor still expressed satisfaction to the commendable showing of Banal.

"Banal's failure to knock out Angkota is not all that matters. The important thing is that he was able to finish the bout and put up a good show against a very tough and durable opponent. It was more of an endurance test for him," said Villamor.

In the undercards of the very entertaining show bankrolled by SGG Sports Promotions, light welterweight prospect Mark Jason Melligen beat Chris Alag by unanimous decision over eight rounds, while Milan Melindo floored Ricardo Albia with a wicked left cross to the chin in 1:21 of round three.

Melligen, whose previous four wins were all by knockout, now holds a 5-0 slate, while Melindo stretched his unbeaten record to 7-0(2KOs).

Another ALA mainstay, Joseph Omanz, had his fair share of the limelight when he pulled off a stunning first-round knockout of Tata Galendez.

The other results saw Dennis Juntillano winning by UD over Roldan Malinao, Jun Intor defeating Carlo Magale by seventh round technical decision, Weng Haya prevailing over Markyll Taroja by unanimous verdict and Fernando Otik stopping Elmer Colve in round two.

Gil Melligen opened up the show with a second round stoppage of Jovi Merca at the 0:44 mark.

Banal vs Angkota


"Banal, erase Angkota's tattoos"


The Bazooka with his trainers Rey Caitom (left) and Edito "Ala" Villamor


The "filipino destroyer"

@ his arm






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