Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold Release 3/14 VOL: Who's copping?

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With all the new kicks releasing this year, I bet some people forgot about the much anticipated pokemon games out for the nintendo ds in less than 2 weeks. Who else is waiting for these?
I'm a college student, and I play pokemon. Yes, I said it.
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Originally Posted by bonafide125

Whats the difference between this one and the OG Gold and Silver?
It should be an expanded version with pokemon from the later regions as well. Plus you can migrate pokemon from some of the more recent games.
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I will not cop another Pokemon game unless it's a huge bundle that has Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, etc... on one disc

But I will cop if that's released
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My little sister has a DS, might persuade her to buy this game so I can play it.
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Originally Posted by Th3Ownly

i only mess with the blue and red versions
they should release it for DS
playing emulator of red and blue doesnt feel the same wit all em gameshark codes. but rocking first 3 pokemon on ur squad


formerly chillainvillain
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I'm copping forsure.

No ones seeing me in diamond or pearl though.
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Pokemon was so 
 back in the day until they got crazy and made 300+ pokemon. heard they still making new ones. 
If my ds was working Id get this. 
Joined Jan 31, 2005
I already pre-ordered both games. I got the Gamestop Jirachi and Pichu too. I'm so hyped for this game.
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Oh yeah. Amazon has them both for me. Can't wait to walk rocky pokewalker in public. I'm going to start a new trend. Yeezy ain't got nothin!
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