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Sup everyone.  I'm looking to get some new tint on the whip.  Can you post some pix of your rides with tint so I can get an idea of what looks nice.  Also, any advice on a specific type or any helpful info would be appreciated.  Mahalo!
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if you go to the shop they should have a couple cars out there with tint.... make sure to go out on a sunny day...
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On the Ridgeline and the Passport, 5% over factory on the backs, 5% on the front, and 35% on the whole windshield. On the LR3 the back windows are factory, and the front is 20% to match the back.
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Originally Posted by cameltrophy24

On the Ridgeline and the Passport, 5% over factory on the backs, 5% on the front, and 35% on the whole windshield. On the LR3 the back windows are factory, and the front is 20% to match the back.

what state do you live in that allows you to tint the front like that? im in maryland I think Im not positive we can only do five inces from the top.
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i'm from nc. we're only allowed 5" from the top as well. my roommate does all my tint, he's the BEST around here, so he done my windshields, and 5% on the side windows.
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lol. you like my tag? one of my buddies laughs like that, and when i bought that truck i needed a tag for the front. so i made it kinda making fun of him. he's noticed it a couple times, and has laughed at it.
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If I remember state allows 5% ...or any tint on the windshield

It looks nice though you have any tint tickets camel?
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we really need an auto section, i mean the same questions get asked EVERY month but ill post mine later today if i remember
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i'm 30 years old this year, i've had tint for years, and there's only been one cop say anything about my tint, and it wasn't even in the county i live in. actually one day when my roommate was tinting my passport, there was a sherrif's deputy across the street. my roommate yelled at him and told him to come over to his place. then he pointed out my windshield. he opened the door, sat down, and looked around. i was nervous by this time. cop got out and said "man, that looks nice. will you do mine next?" but no, i've not had any tickets...knocking on wood.
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I live in Texas and our we can't have our front windows' tint any darker than 35%, but I also hear that our front windows just have to be lighter than the back. I'm not too sure about that second one, but my brother got a ticket about a long time ago for having 20% all around. He just removed it from the front windows and they dismissed the ticket.

This is my Chevy Avalanche. I have 15% in the front and 5% in the back. I got it done around October or November of last year.
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i like tint mainly because of the privacy. but another benefit of it is if you're ever in an accident or anything, the glass won't shatter and go everywhere. but with a windshield tinted, radar detectors won't work through the tint too well.
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cool thread, been thinking of some tint as well...

i drive a red caddy cts riding head shot right now, on my grown man steez but I like the tint on the benzo's

does anybody know the name of that tint or have u seen it on cars that werent benzs??...i mean I know its their "thing" n all
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that ridgelines dope. i got one just like it with 5% all around except nothing on the windshield.
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here's my first vehicle. i've still got it. i know mini trucks are out, but again, i'm 30. lol. i've still got the truck. it has 5% on the sides and 20% on the whole windshield.
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if i can get a pic of my friends durango i'll post pics, but around here, cops straight HARASS him about his tint, hes probably gotten at least 4 or 5 tickets for it, and its not even that dark
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I've gotten tint on every car I've owned, but here's pictures of the most recent two

Old Truck Pics/?action=view&current=TruckDriverSide.jpg

Current Mazda3 (which is for sale by the way...) Pics/?action=view&current=Mazda3PassSide.jpg

As for getting harassed, as long as you don't drive like an idiot you'll be fine. If you do something stupid though, limo tint is just icing on the cake for them to pull you over. It's kind of like not having a front license plate in states that require it.
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