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Joined Feb 3, 2003
5% on the 3 rear windows and windshield
30-35% on the driver/passenger windows (I forgot which one)

I live in Cali, btw...
Joined Jan 25, 2008
i have 5% on front and back windows with a strip on the windshield that comes down about eye memphis btw
Joined Dec 28, 2004
I got a $200 ticket for having 20% all around in Huntsville, AL. Alabama law (as well as a lot of states) has the limit at 35% with no tint on the front windshield. Be careful OP, because a lot of cops hunt for people with illegal tint as an easy ticket/excuse to pull over.
Joined Dec 2, 2007
I'm jealous of yall I had tint on my last car because city cops don't care but now that I live in the suburbs I see people pulled over left and right for tints and HID lights
Joined Jul 7, 2002
i really regret getting 35% tints instead of 20%

@ me

please dont get 35%, it doesnt even look like i have tints most of the time
Joined Sep 13, 2003
i've got 5 percent all around. i've never gotten pulled over for it and i stay in florida (tampa). i know it's a different story in south florida though
Joined Jan 8, 2003
Originally Posted by sneakerhead24

how much am I looking at if i want to get tints, plus the labor?
depends on how many windows you want tinted

they charged me like 50 for 2 windows...doesn't matter what % you get..i also got carbon..the other kind is cheaper
Joined Sep 24, 2001
5% all around, everyone says it looks more like 2% lol. 3 years not a glance from the cops...
Joined Feb 11, 2008

taken last year no rims anymore
but thats 20% all around i would enjoy having 35% on my windshield but no extra money to get it


Joined Feb 17, 2008
There's one spot that pushes Llumar film but they are asking $250 and another that pushes Johnson film and they are asking $180. Other forums say that Llumar is the best film. I'm looking for more reflective than dark like the factory Lexus tint. Any suggestions?
Joined Jul 16, 2009
I got 5% all around except for the front which i got 20% with 5% on the visor. I've never been stopped because of my tint. (Massachusetts btw)
Joined May 25, 2008
tinting your windshield is crazy. If you get in an accident, and hit your head on the glass, its lights out, cuz tints hold the glass together. Plus how do you drive at night?
Joined Sep 27, 2004
driving at night isn't much different. it's only 35%, and from the inside it isn't very dark. it actually cuts down on the glare from other cars headlights, especially in the rain at night. but when it's foggy and raining at night, just stop driving. but you can't really see anyways without tint on the windshield. and either way, tinted or not, if you hit your head on the windshield, it's not going to turn out good. the only think i don't like about it is wearing polarized sunglasses behind the tint. where the tint is polarized too, when you meet other cars with tinted windows, it makes their windows look like rainbows. not a big deal though.
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