POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

Joined Mar 14, 2010
if im being real
i aint throwing my back out on a side piece
she someone elses main
nah im doing the least amount of effort
and only worried bout getting mine
when smashing a side piece
Smh. Tell this to my homie who be trying to wine and dine side pieces. Like bruh, it’s her n_ job to show her the finer things in life. Not you. Beat her head in and keep it moving :lol: :rofl:
Joined Jul 20, 2002
Like dude can just swiftly walk up and swap a cup with not a single person even seeing him out their peripheral
He did it literally right in front of the judge. Been trying to defend Power, but some of these scenes are just bad. I get the entertainment portion of it, cool, but some stuff is just too far fetched. And to think, we still have 12 more episodes left of this madness.
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I gotta subscribe to this thread. Y’all be straight clownin this show! :lol:
This what this thread been like since the beginning :lol:
The hate of Tommy when the series first started
The beasting for Tasha when she first started her lil sex scenes in season 1
The folks getting tired of seeing ghost smash Angela and her washed *** breasts
The hating of ghost after killing rolla
The hating then loving of kanaan
The hate of kanaan surviving a burning building
The thinking juicebox was gonna be a goat character
The hate of hearing Jaaaaaaimie from Angela
The hate of Tommy white girlfriend
Man so much to name :lol:
Joined Jan 5, 2011
This what this thread been like since the beginning

i was in here a bit, dropped a few jokes about terry silver cj mccollum looking ***, but i just really got to following this thread this season. I been cooking this show since day one, offline tho. Had so many jokes for tariq goofy ***. and how washed angela got over the years. and tasha hoing ***. and ghost soft simp ***
Joined May 23, 2005
When we saw him man up on sean in truth basement. That night this thread was lit. We never seen ghost be “ghost”
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