POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

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Im not gonna add on to what everyone else mentioned cuz its all spot on. Just so unrealistic with the whole courtroom scene.

I got a feeling Ray Ray is Riq's new girl's "dead brother"

The fact that big dude pulls out in front of the feds in a bail bonds truck with no repercussions (and then no police chase for the ambulance).

Dre says Ghost was at the courthouse, im pretty sure id spare 5 minutes to go look at some video footage whether i believed him or not.

Tasha opening scene smoking .... :rofl: :sick:
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if im being real
i aint throwing my back out on a side piece
she someone elses main
nah im doing the least amount of effort
and only worried bout getting mine
when smashing a side piece
Dawg I'm screaming :rofl:. This too accurate. Really should've just got the top and called it a day. Every body smash raw on this show too lmao
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That whole storyline is stupid. Tasha is broke acting like she's Florida Evans living in the projects and has her old *** mother playing mommy daycare. Like Ghost is a bad parent not providing for his kids.

and then Tasha trying to hustle her in to taking more kids :rofl:
Called that biht Florida Evans :lol: :rofl:
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