Prediction: XXI & II darkhorse countdown pack


Dec 25, 2004
You heard it here first. The XXI & II Countdown pack will sell huge because of the classic AJ II colorway combined with the black/red XXI that will make believers out of all the XXI haters out there.
i dont know, i dont think people care enough about the XXI's to drop 310 on a pack
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i hope i get my usual 30% or no deal

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The OG II will be the white/red right?? ANd THe XXI Black/Red wow

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I for one am a fan of the XXI. I think black/red would look sick on an already decent shoe. And I need some II's in my life.

I hope this is properly executed.
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There were some sample pics posted here back in '05 of the black/red mids and they are hot as hell. At the time many of us were pissed that we would have to wait 5-7 years for JB to retro the XXI in a proper blk/red Chicago color. I slept on the last retro II's , so the XXI & II pack is going to be second only to the Camine pack for me.
i doubt it'll sell out fast... this package along with the VIII and XV pack will flop probably...
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If the colorways are done right, I will get them.
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Yeah. I dont want to spend 310 when i only want the 2's. I hate the 21's and personally think its the worst air jordan ever. (Yeah i like the 15's) lol. So imma be lookin out for anybody who is goin to sell them individually. Size 9.
about that....finish line and footlocker employees(champs, footlocker, footaction) cant use our discounts on packages...sorry

I think the I & XX2 pack will flop. who doesn't own a pair of Is and the XX2s can be picked up for $140 or under at most places
ill still pass... jus not worth payin over 300 for em... i already got white/red 2 and white/red 21 so im good

I for one am looking forward to this pack because I don't have any 2s or 21s but I will be passing on the 10/13 pack because I already have all the og 13s and and the chicago 10s so I'm good on that pack
People think that the XXI's were a flop and were ugly.
The XXI's are hot espiecially the white/blk/red ones.
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I like to pick up a pair of 2's mid since I got the white/red/blk low, but I don't want to sprend 310 on it. And I'm not really feeling the 21's anyways. I going to take a pass on this package.
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