price Check on Carmine 6's

Joined Apr 27, 2013
Hi,  just need to know if $520 is good price for these VNDS Size 9 Carmine 6's
Joined Apr 28, 2013
Beautiful shoes, I'd say it is a little high because of the sole yellowing. Only a little though
Joined Apr 22, 2013
these are so sexy.. I want a pair of em but they go for an absurd amount... :frown: I think that price is a bit too high for a worn pair... if it was DS and came with everything (lace locks, box, etc) then that would probably we worth it
Joined Jan 19, 2013
Price is a little high in my mind. Condition is great though, try and talk them down. I've seen VNDS auctions finish less than 400 for size 10. Plus next year is the year of the 6's hate to see them bring back the Carmine's (potentially) after you spend an arm and a leg on them. 
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