Question for my African NT'ers

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Naw, my boys nigerian and hes a die hard spurs fan. He ues this name also.

You of all people know you cant generalize like so.
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Originally Posted by CarminePOWER

Originally Posted by Hen Lin 32
Never seen a black Rock Lee before.
In response to thread, I'm half african. I like the Lakers but also Arsenal.

1 for 2

No flame a lot of my boys are from West Africa and they ALL love the lakers and ManU
just wondering


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I'm West African.
Wizards/Kings fan. Bball sucks anyway.

Colts/******** Fan.
Juventus F.C.

BTW all those ManU stans are in for one tonight anyway.


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Originally Posted by Hen Lin 32

I agree with the MANU.....I have a lot of family in the UK and they all love Manchester United. I have a few Nigerian cousins and friends in the states who arealso Man U fans. Not sure about the Lakers tho.

Denver vs. Orlando....that's my pic. I don't have any loyalties in BBall....I'm a Dwade, Shaq, KG, Mello and Birdman fan. that's it.
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