question on video games in PHP

Feb 23, 2006
If you buy a game for xbox 360 in the philipine,would it work here in US.

and is there any Nintendo DS game or PSP games in PHP
xbox 360 games available here locally are *** ver,us ver,and bootleg ver,im assuming the console u own is a us ver,just simply ask the store your planning to buy the game from if they have us ver games and you'll be all set,and yes,DS and PSP games are available
goodbye retros!FS or trade Mars IV sz12,Militaries sz11,grapes sz11,greenbeans sz11,cardinals sz11,XIV blacktoe sz12,all DS,Philippine buyers only,
if you're coming over, just bring your xbox and have it converted, so that you can buy the pirated games for like 300-400php depending on where you get it. in the long run its comes out cheaper than buying original games.
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