Quick Air Jordan XI Question

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Was the carbon fiber on the kids sizes the same as the mens? lookin at a pair on ebay for my girl and the carbon fiber looks WAAAAAY different
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Originally Posted by masterhammy23

No, I believe it does not have the checkerboard pattern

this is correct. GS sizes have a smaller dotted pattern as luvtheshoe mentioned
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Originally Posted by Raygotsjays

well it dont matter cuz i doubt that they make fake kid jays to
Believe it or not, I've seen fakes of kids size Jordans


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I have sz. 6 XI's from way back when. Its a checker pattern like the XI's above.
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GS size often don't have the same spec as men size

they probably have put stickers on instead of real carbon fiber

i even heard someone sayin carbon fiber from men size cdp 11s fell off and it was actually carbon fiber looking stickers
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