Ransom - The End of Joe


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I didn't see a post for this but I guess Ran has some more ammo.

Playing now....

Review in a bit.

Edit: Oh wow, Ran raps for a good 2-3 min then spends the rest of the track talking about Joe being bisexual.

Kinda :lol:

But :rolleyes

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AIYOOOOOOOOOOO(this is directed to Budden possibly being gay)


I gotta say the beat selection in this battle has been superb. When did Jim Jones of all ppl check Joey? Oh well I guess we'll get to hear the rest of that ransom note song

It do seem corny that now Ran is saying dude is gay where was this da 1st to disses "[Riley] @#%$ you gay [Riley] You have sex with men, you pack fudge, you can say w/e bout me you have sex with guys! You are bisexual you have sex with boys!!!"[Riley] @#%$ you gay! [Riley]" :rofl:
but this is mad childish MAD childish but still hilarious. N_ watchin all da Boondocks episodes afta da last diss

oh yea Ransom is gay, he has pictures of another man in a bed with red satin sheets? :stoneface:
Cats go so far to put a dude out there end up puttin themselves in the same position :smh:

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Ahh my bad. Good looking out my dude.

Ran goes straight ridiculous at the end poppin' off about Joe being gay.

Getting out of control with his voice and acting like a damn child with it.

Ain't gonna lie though. Still had me :lol:
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First of all, Joe back mountain........ :lol:

Second, Ran needs to stop. Joe broke dudes whole essence down in 2 songs.
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@ 'you go "uhh"....

but :smh:
, Ransom gotta resort to a 6 minute diss consisting of 5 bars, the rest is jokes... this N' so immature :rofl:
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ranson sound like a woman scorned. U know u play a broad and first thing she screamin is "U cant @#%$, ya @#%$ is small @#%$" meanwhile U had been beatin for like 8 months

So when Ransom was ridin wit Joe for all that time , Joe wasnt "Bisexual" ? or he knew he was this bisexual dude and still rode wit em, slept on the floor in the studio wit him and did shows wit him

This some Ho @#%$
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gay thing been goin on i think miss info started that rumor during a power 105/hot97 war when they were battling the same timeslot.
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He called that man gay like 39 times... :lol:
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he rapped for 2 mins and called joey a @#%$ the rest of the time :smh:
dood lost

joe back mountain was funny though
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He lost...he's just emotional now, and resorting to 3rd grader mud-slinging tactics.
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of course joe on the take over smashed all of this,,,,,,,,,,,, but lets not act like this track aint tough!!!

all the diss tracks between them was tough matter fact,, even though joe took it of course.

i think most of us here hold joe among the elite when it comes to mic skills,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this doesnt mean ransom aint a beast. if anyone here stops coppin ransom,, they are crazy.
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speaking of that Pastor whats good with Ransom Note? ^

I gotta say the beat selection in this battle has been superb. When did Jim Jones of all ppl check Joey? Oh well I guess we'll get to hear the rest of that ransom note song
Its on my friend's DVD where Jimmy disses Joe Budden again and we didnt even know why

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Quote:[hr][/hr]joe back mountain[hr][/hr]
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@ Joe back Mountain

I hope ransom knows that he's about to get abused by Joe, Joe prob sitting there laughing like what took him so long.
@ ransom, he had a week and a half and thats the best he could come up with. Joe prob gone go at him over the song cry beat or some @#%$ :lol:
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