Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

I know that 🐱 💥🔥💥

Thang kinda fat

Freaky *** _'s
haven’t seen the video or heard the audio. can’t and won’t

stone these ******

I heard the audio of her screaming but I don't know if that was same situation or what. I doubt the video is out there. Police probably got that but that's why I'm like what happened after if it's on video.
People need to tell Kanye about himself

This **** should have been deleted

I'm not sure what to make of Ghost project. It seems like a major label album, because it's trying to feed different audiences. Plus mad features. It's not bad, just different. I definitely prefer Conway's project.

Really did what the OV-ho gang have been saying he couldn't for years at the expense of their boy and ended up breaking every record hitting every peak and moving the needle more than any one in recent memory in the process :lol: :pimp:

Beat him at his own game in the most emphatic way
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