Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

I fell in love with the Kanye Monster snippet around the time Good Fridays was a thing. I would listen to every Monster freestyle I could find cus I just love that song and beat. Kendrick Lamar showed up as a suggestion and I reluctantly played it cus the beat was dope to me but I dont mess wit. new artists. This freestyle put him on my radar. I didnt like his flow on it but I could see his talent. Little did I know then he'd become one my favorite artists. Section 80 blew my mind and GKMC solidified it. (My fav lp is TPAB, which I didnt like at 1st). He's become an all time great to me in short order and Im glad hes getting the appreciation now from the masses. Its been a fun musical journey.
It's interesting how 50 was d ridin Drake when Dot is under the Dr. Dre tree with him and they was on the super bowl stage together.
I was also surprised. I wouldn’t say d-ridin, it seemed moreso of instigating (typical 50) to me. But I was surprised he was speaking of Drake in positive light.

I’m still wondering if that g-unit spinner was the real one or Drake had one made
Why am i randomly throughout the day yelling these 2 bars, what a time it was:

“2 Chainz say you good, but he lied”

“Kendrick just opened his mouth, someone go hand him a Grammy right now”
Mines are "21 gave you false street cred/Thug made you feel like you a slime in yo head", not counting the multiple "fan!", "that's conniving" and "fast forward 2024 you got the same agenda" :smh:
“somebody lyinnnn” and “GAWDDDD AH MY CONFESSION IS YOURS” out loud, too often

and every time I hear “Find the jewels like Kash Doll, I just need you to THINK” I see this

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