Retro's XII's Still at Retail Collecting Dust Unappreciation vol. Tell'em Why You Mad

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I'm a huge fan of the XII's, but let's face it, they haven't sold well at all, and what's worse is that they're still in the mall and on the web sitting and have yet to receive a price reduction. As much as I don't care for the Flu Games and RS's, I do want a pair of each to play in, but not at retail when I know there are FSR's available months after release.

End rant.
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Im in the same boat as you I love them also. I check dang near everyday and hit up my local outlet waiting for them to go on sale! I am watching them closely because I wear a common size 10 as soon as I see them for like eighty bucks or so Im copping the white and red and flue games. I hope I can get 2 pairs for the price of 1 if im lucky
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Yea i thought the white/red 12's would've sold out by now because of the good quality and because its a OG colorway but just like the Nubucks, Flu games, and Rising Suns theyre still sitting around. Hopefully i can get a discount later on.
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Originally Posted by FrenchBlue23

If only JB had given us some Obsidian XII's, and the real Black/Red XII's.
Those Obsidian XII are hot. I saw a guy with them and I had to stop and be schooled on them.
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this is nothin new. og white/red xii's i can remember sittin on eastaby in fsr's for 79.99 back in the day, so please stop thinking every og colorway will sellout instantly as that's not the case
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I want the white/reds but there is no way I'm paying retail. Even with the 20% Eastbay discount I still think that's too much for a shoe that is this old.
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Good . That mean these will for sure end up at outlet for $79.99 or Nordstrom Rack for $50 around summer time
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i got myself a pair for retail but im waiting to get another pair for less than 100.00
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i got my flu games for 100 and black and blues for 90 just cant seem to find a deal on the white and red or the rising suns
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Originally Posted by fats73

i got my flu games for 100 and black and blues for 90 just cant seem to find a deal on the white and red or the rising suns
i copped the white/red XIIs on ebay from a trusted seller...right off the bat with my offer which was $100

i've been walking around different stores in Brooklyn and i'm seeing some spots lowering their prices.It's only a matter of time before all the XIIs get reduced.

Stores are holding out as much as possible to try and get that retail price...but they wont
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No 12's are moving in Canada either. I copped the cherry's on employee which was well worth it; quality is on point.
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grabbed a pair of the white/reds during the last F&F at champs for $120 i couldnt wait any longer and im happy w/ them at that price
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Got the white/red for 105 on release day. Dont care much about the flu games. As for the rising suns..would only get them for less than 100.
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Originally Posted by RaptorNation

No 12's are moving in Canada either. I copped the cherry's on employee which was well worth it; quality is on point.

maaaan i hate you and anyone else that calls them "CHERRY"12's.......

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yes can we please stop with the stupid cherry nickname? When you unDS them, are you popping there cherry? Stop it with this terrible nickname please
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I feel lucky to STILL be debating whether or not I want the Flu Games for bball... I'm digging Ray Allen's black/green 12s, and am hoping that the flu games will kinda sorta eventually somehow maybe start to look like them to me, but it hasn't happened yet. As of today, the Flu Games are not a "must have"... no Jordan I don't already own is actually, including the 2010.

If I see Flu Games in person for around/under $90, I'll buy. Otherwise, I'll keep sitting here looking at them online thinking they look a bit "off" and too pricey for what they are...

Copped the White/Red XII's for $80 and LOVE them for bball!
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All of them are made with good quality and comfortable as heck. Im still waiting to cop the Flu Games when they hit lower than 100.
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I honestly think that you can find a decent size for around 100 bucks tops! Just gotta look around the web, ebay, NT, etc... I havent looked for a pair yet but I know they are only a click away somewhere...
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only reason the white red 12s didnt sell well is cuz of the spacejams release but flu games sold ok
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already copped flu games and nubucks.but if price drops will cop rising suns and cherrys
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12's don't sell well because of the shape and size. They look like boats on most peoples' feet. Not much of a casual shoe if you ask me. Good for basketball though.
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