..:: Riff Raff for President ::..

GIF of those first few seconds please

"I see what you did there" and a "
"His ice is almost penguish. Its penguinistic."

"He has biscuits made out of icicles."

If that makes sense to you, I suggest you keep watching the video.
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Paul Wall lil' brother is makin' H-Town look bad
my boy is cool with riff raff's little bro and he is nothing like him. i don't know what that had to do with anything butwhatever.
"did i finish high school? ...huh?

did i finish college? did i go to Harvard? maybe

who knows what i did, who knows what i did last summer"

"Did Hugh Hefner and master P get combined and then graduate back in '99?"

"do you watch soap operas? wich ya moms and eat peanuts?"

"do you have starter jackets?"

"do you catch the flu on purpose so you don't gotta go to school? is that what you do?"

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