RIP George Floyd

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She was killed some time ago, but whats happening in MLPS is one of the straws breaking the camels back. It's inspired people to say F the establishment. To stop turning the other cheek and instead pour gas and light a match, no pun intended

The people have had enough. For now. police have died yet. so at this point there's just structural damage. Nothing that can't be replaced. The 'revolution' is still in 2nd gear.
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This like what happened in my city in 2015, except it seems like they didn’t expect it up in Minny...Years later, more brovas been killed by police and we gotta turn up again just to get a lil action on that :smh: ...RIP Freddie Gray, George Floyd and a while unfortunate list of others taken by the pigs for no reason

F Trump, yo a ho
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