RIP George Floyd

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I want to know who he is
Const. Alex Dunn .He got put a year suspension WITH PAY, and is back working in an admin role while his trial continues. Alberta, Canada. She was busted for a curfew violation, while doing her friend's hair, realized it was past 10pm, got a ride home but that friend got pulled over turning on a yellow light and she was taken in. He was trying to take that scarf out her head for her photo and she slightly flinches her head away, he claims she put her hand on his shoulder which made him fear she had slipped out of the handcuffs and was going to use them as a weapon against her so he had to subdue her to eliminate that threat. There's a longer video, the paramedics come and the other cops just sit around laughing and she's taken for surgery for a broken nose and stitches after she came to. His colleagues did testify against him though and that trial was last week. Guess I could have just dropped a link

Same dude on the right
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Judge rejects proposed Derek Chauvin divorce agreement, citing possible fraud

Freeman wrote that under the agreement, Kellie Chauvin would have received all the equity in their two homes, all the money in their bank and investment accounts and all the money from Derek Chauvin's pension and retirement accounts

Tryna protect assests from the civil suit. Glad the judge saw through it.
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