Ruffin51's Top 51: Celebrating 6 Years on Niketalk

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Wattup everybody......

Today marks 6 years that I've been posting on Niketalk. Time flies. Thanks to the Niketalk community and all the cool peeps.

This ain't a collection post and it ain't my 51 favorite shoes ever. It's my 51 favorite shoes I own. Enjoy.

Hands down my favorite shoe I own. I traded YTV the wheat Dunk SB high (not my size) for these which ended up being a bad value for me moneywise after a few years, but collectionwise it was a no regrets. The shoe I'd save if I could only have one. Mine have no yellowing, which is rare.

KTown offered me a pair for $125 shipped and I slept for...gasp...the VI lows, which I sold later. I ended up paying over $400 but I have them in a size 13, which not a lot of people can say.

No words needed.

My only SBs. I love these, and I just copped an LRG track jacket that will kill them.

I bought these and received an empty box in the mail. Later the same seller had another pair and I got 'em. Either he stiffed me the first time or the mailman is rockin' some fly joints. Either way, I have a pair and that's what counts.


Another one I'm lucky to have in size 13

Grabbed these 94 mids from DJ AM. I love, love, love 'em.

I love NB's and the 997 is one of my favorite models...I wish I had some of the wild colorways to wear.

No B-Grades here...

Another cheap used eBay pickup that I love to wear! Nothing like a pair of canvas highs with nylon tongues.


Butter leather and leather straps....

These go down as classics for the heavy mesh usage and the colorway....

I remember sitting at my aunt's in Grand Rapids, MI and picking up the Eastbay catalog with the eye on the front and seeing these. I know one or two of yall have a pair, but I don't think I ever saw anyone wear these in person, I don't think I ever saw them in stores, and I don't think Eastbay had them for long.


I remember seeing these at Niketown Chicago and explaining to my dad how they were "cool chillin' shoes." Glad I finally got 'em years later, just incredible in person.

The mesh, the nice leather, the colorway...just wow...

The yellow velcro is the best detail.

'82 OG Player Sample DS with box

Love the mesh...Calex sent me size 12s in the size 13 box but he made it right when I caught the mistake. Always check the size tag on each shoe when you cop, kids.

I like the CL low so much better but these will have to do because I don't have the lows....

Too tough. People always want these online and they can never have 'em.

I wish I had more 95s but these make up for the lack...

Super illy green suede.

I was super happy to get these. I go to school out in Iowa and I was still drunk up at the mall grabbin' size 13s when they were sold out online.

Even though they're reissuing soon, nothing like OGs. My name is Charles so that makes me like them even more.

I was really happy to get these, kinda wish I woulda grabbed two.

A good reissue-job by Nike.

This pair needs to be on ice for at least a few more years.

Obligatory neon 95s. These are the Canadian release from a few years back so they have good Air bubbles. I wish the tongue let the laces go under the reflective strip though.

ed me off collecting shoes and made my parents put me on a temporary "shoe limit". I bought these in 2001 from John Gotty and formed a lifelong friendship as a result....much love and respect to my dude Gotty. One of the most comfortable Nikes of all time.

I wore/wear these pretty hard...they've been submerged in sludge water, puked on, etc...but they keep on going.

It's hard to have a bad day with these on your feet. Now if only Nike would retro the Brazil colorway....

I really, really, really love these Snakeskin Concords. They were in Sole Collector Issue 2.

Rocked hard. I love these. I think the yellow laces they came with are ridiculous though.

Dark navy with the lizard skin piece in back....I wore these today. They are 2E which sucks but I still love 'em.

I was super happy to scoop these for $85 cash over the weekend at DTLR.

I really love how these iD's turned out...on some Total Air Uptempo/voltage Foam tip...I was going to do the neon 95 colorway but then I just liked this better...if I can get the right hat I'll probably rock 'em one day.

This counts for two, the royal and the red. Both illy.

1982, 1991, 1989, 1990

Some of my best vintage.

Fruit flavas...2 made in England.



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absolutely fantastic. thanks for sharing the words as well as the pics.
Joined Nov 25, 2005
amazing. good stuff and great to see an actual shoe lover instead of another "shoehead" on NT
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Great pics Charles, what a fantastic way to mark your 6 years here on Niketalk! Your AF1 collection is simply amazing, I'm always impressed with your passion and knowledge regarding them. For fun, I pulled out the newspaper articles you sent to me 3 or 4 years ago featuring you and your collection. One is titled "The hunt that never really ends." The other is "High times with high tops: the story of an addict." Good reads, brought back some memories!

Keep it going Ruf, update us at year 7!!

Jay Jones
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great read/shoes
your af collection is banana sandwich...those white/purple highs are ******ed

Looking to buy:
Nike Maharishi Terminator Sz 10.5-11
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Congrats on six years. This post was great and I am amazed at the crazy AF1's in your fav 51.

Team Vintage Heat​
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nice stuff, your the dude in the Sole Collector mag right. i remember the story on those 3m jewel mids. but im lovin the af1s. some pairs i see in your collect i have as well. but theres some i need. very nice stuff.
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very very very nice stuff
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pure appreciation from my side for this. i really like this post with such a great selection ... all of your stuff is really on top so i'm not even trying to mention single ones. also i really like reading your comments on every of your shoes. thats what makes collection shoes so special to a certain degree. every pair come with its own memories where you got it from and what it means to you. ahhh and i hate you for these 3m mids :D
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by the way ... my name is Tibor​
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nice collection
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My football coach is always wearing those blue/orange NYC Mid's, yet he has no idea how much I would like a pair for myself.

...Yepski...BMStyle...City of Wind...

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Love the Flights and Revolutions... Colored suede NBs as well... (I had the baby-blue pair as a kid...) Dope....
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