Sample 7 on ebay

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Joined Mar 2, 2008
^^^ i thought so just wanted to confirm cause knowing jordan brand nowadays theyll release any fake color way so just wanted to be sure
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the tag looks like a real og tag

but the shoes are crazy

we need one of the big dogs to come in hear and shine some light on this for us.............................................peace
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No way those are real.

Tag doesn't even say they're a sample.

p.s. - Would you trust someone with 4 feedback that hasn't sold anything in over a year?
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man i should get them thats a pick up his uncle was it????? what ever it was worked for nike man is he serious how dumb does he thinkpeople are?????
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Originally Posted by XxHonchoxX

He's an ISS member too.
Actually he's not. I just checked their member list. That's even worse if he tagged the pic like that hoping it would get him credibility.


Joined Jan 14, 2001
Just because you lightweights haven't seen a colorway doesn't mean the shoe is fake.
You've never seen the shoes in my avatar (AJ XIV Low red/mai/whi and Air Flightposite Gold Carbon Fiber) - does that mean they are fake?
No, it means that I was a NIKE Basketball employee with access to unreleased samples - which is exactly what those AJ VII are.
Not all sample tags say SAMPLE - many older tags, like these AJ VII from 1991/1992, have a hand-typed line containing product code, shoe last, and factory;these are from PC8 or Pou Chen 8.

Thanks for playing.
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