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Oct 13, 2005
yo, i was thinking that we should have another little meet-up like we did a few months back at Bufallo Wild Wings. Anyone interested?
I always down for another meet up. Plus we want to do another show again in the near future. Maybe we could discuss planning the event. I could also gather the usual suspects to the meet up.
Actually a couple of us "shoeheads" were already going to meet this sunday at buffalo wild wings on SE military drive @ 7pm. Fellow NT'er shinobixtc (Mike) is leaving for Korea and we wanted to do something before he leaves. Anybody else from SA or Austin or wherever else that wants to join us is also invited. Inbox me so I can give you more details.
i hope you all stay late because i got a game at 8 pm will try and swing by after the game. my buddy is selling his altitude xiii's for $175 . he only wore them once, so anybody intrested i will be taking them with me. whats up aaron!
update, lets push it back to 7:30, so the other slackers getting from work will have some time, all right w/u guys? wear some heat guys, if I can only find my freakin camera.
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia
i think i might hafta make this one

Time and date set for tomorrow:
Buffalo Wild Wings
SE Military Dr.
Across from HEB
Like Fred said, be wearing some heat, I'm bringing my camera.
anyone need directions, or has any questions, inbox me and ill give you my cell #.
thanks guys... i wish i wasnt leaving SA... we have a small but truly genuine sneaker community.. it was nice seeing the usual faces and laces...






Man are you in love with my shoe or what. Had a great time and it passed so quickly. Mike pm me about this week.
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia
Great pix Mike, had a great time. did you make that online pick up after all?
Had a small group discussion about the upcoming event. Facts set in stone are, the event will be early next year (March, in coordination and depending on GSA's nike sb release date. Also ample preparation to invite potential out of towners(Austin and S Tx heads are very welcome) Location to be announced. However, the location must be near GSA with free parking and easy access. The time of the event will take place in the early evening approx 7-8 pm and concluding at 11:30 pm. We will then head out to GSA where at the time of 12:01am, the SB will be dropped for purchase. Also, for those who were at the event last year, Anthony had put out ALL the money for the gym. I was not aware of this, but I would like all those who do participate to donate something, anything. Sodas, bottled water, finger foods will be served to attendees and participants, and a DJ will be present. <Note, the above noted don't materialize out of thin air, that's why I beg for your donations! We want to make this event as fun as possible and to show that S.Tx can hold it down, without self-promoting or coattailing off of some Complex magazine(no Originality and no Substance). In addition, absolutely, positively no alcohol will be served! Last but not least, I, not only want to invite the closet shoe heads, skaters, San Anton, but Austin,Victoria,Laredo(no fakes or millionaires allowed), and CC. So let me know, what y'all think, pm me or Ucasta(he's much brighter and more creative than me)
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia
Sorry I didnt make it out but I didnt get out of work till about 9:45 and figured everyone was gone already. Looks like very good times and I most definately regret no being able to get there on time. The event sounds very promising and I definately look forward to it. As soon as we have a date set in stone I will ask my brother who's a very active DJ in Austin(Klassen) if he has some free time from one of his residencies to do the event. Im sure he would he would be excited about it considering the fact he's a big dunkhead. He does have several obligations though so I cant guarantee it but's a start.
yo what up shoeheads i'll atend the meet up to get back in touch with all again since its been a while but is it this sunday....coming up if so i'll be there.....
yo ucasta hit me up!!!!!!!!!
hey for the upcoming event in march i can also provide some services with dj's and other stuff.
this time we can get all together and decide on the event..
peace and stay up sa-town sneakheads.
Big thanks to GSA for being the "sponsor" for a sneakerhead event. Like T21D was saying, we don't want Anthony paying for everything again. We put together a great show this past April, and we are looking to doing bigger and better things. That's why I'm glad that we are begining the planning stages now. Now that we have more time to plan, we have a lot more options to work with. This needs to be a collaborative project between as many of us NT'ers and all the other sneakerheads around Texas. So if anybody else has ideas, suggestions, news, resources, Tweeds lows in a sz. 10 (lol), or anything else we can use for this event, be sure to inbox me or T21D.
Damn Mike, I wish I was leaving for Korea, you know that you us big time! Especially those Bapes that I gave you. Say hi to the misses, Hi C!
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia
Those Grapes are crazy Mike! Wish I could get mine early too... Now I really need a job so I can pick these up.
When you guys get everything together about this show, I can post your flyers for the event down here in Victoria. I work at the local mall and know plenty of sneakertheads and my brother knows the skateboarders even though he lives in Austin. So let me know.
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