School me on Acura TL's...

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Stay far away from the 2nd gens. Most of them have ****** issues..and if it dies on'll be 4800 to replace..
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Originally Posted by 23legacy45

I've been looking at a few the past month and I found an 03 at a dealership for $13k and it had 42k miles on it. It sold in less than a week. I found another 03 but it has $98k miles. I think I might be too high. Can anyone give me any advice or things I should know when looking at TL's?
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I have a 99 with 74k miles on it, love the car. The ****** went out, but not many people seem to realize that Acura recalled it, so most likely if you go tobuy one used by now, the ****** has been replaced by Acura for free. Happened with mine a couple years back. One thing to look out for, the paint. Very cheapquality clear coat was used so a lot of TLs have oxidation at places like the roof and the beggining of the trunk as well as the hood. Check out for that whenyou go to buy one, and use it to drop the price a little. Overall the mechanics of the car are phenomenal, but the build quality of the interior and paint ispretty poor for a company like Acura. We had a 91 and 93 Legend and those things were on another level as far as quality- Im guessin the TL was built inAmerica and the Legend in Japan.
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Got an 03 type S with 117K on it. My ****** blew at like 25K but its been going great since.
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Originally Posted by SOLE TROOPER

Why do you want a TL?
I like the way they look and they seem affordable. And insurance isn't going to cost that much since it's a sedan
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