She's Out of My League - hilarious movie


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Originally Posted by Da XpLiCiT OnE

The funniest movie since Hangover, and I'll be the one to say it... She's Out of My League > Hangover.
Let's try to shy away from the "Hangover was overrated" debate, but the movie was that funny? I heard bad reviews, but because it's Rated R, I'll give any comedy a chance.
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[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]The stupid title of this movie turned me away. I'll check it out later this year.[/color]
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The Hangover was horrible plain and simple, Dr. Ken and Iron Mike were the only good parts of that cup of garbage juice...
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Originally Posted by 6demonbag

The Hangover was horrible plain and simple, Dr. Ken and Iron Mike were the only good parts of that cup of garbage juice...

I live for comedies and no
it hinted at having more comedic substance than it ended up having but.. oh well, it was still good.
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Originally Posted by The Yes Guy

I think it looks awful, and the girl is not a ten, but if you say so...
It's subjective. But i do agree with you. The fact that the movie is even comparable to Hangover should at least give the film enough merit for me watching it.
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When I first saw the trailer I thought it was gonna flop right away... The girl is NOT a 10... And the guy looks like an alien. And that "If I were wearing any underwear" joke was soo bad...

But after seeing and hearing everyone's review, I kinda wanna check it out
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Thats a strong statement saying its better than the Hangover. Girl is cute in this but she aint quite a 10
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I never said she was a 10 for one, and that's pretty irrelevant to liking this movie.  And another, I actually thought Hangover was HILARIOUS and is one of my favorites.  But after watching this movie, I'd have to say it tops Hangover.
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Hangover is overrated
This movie looks bad, will download later.
and Hot Tub Time Machine looks funnier

ham city

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anybody else notice how they changed up the commercials for this movie the week before it debuted?
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Stop comparing movies to the hangover.  the hangover wasn't that funny and was a one time watch.
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I saw Hot Tub a couple weeks ago (special screening). Didn't think I would like it but I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it.
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this girl was also in the movie "crossing over." it was about illegal immigrants and what they were doing to obtain legal residency in the US. its a pretty compelling story.

if that didnt get you guys interested in watching it..i'm sure this girl's willingness to do whatever it took to get a green card will
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