shoe cleaning tips compilation

Sep 4, 2002
it would be nice if this can be archived since there is no possibility of adding a cleaning forum
ppl are always asking for ways to clean their aj's or other kicks

first thing about not getting shoes dirty is not to get them dirty. not wearing the shoe is not a answer to people who can only afford to buy 1 pair of a certain shoe. (some ppl buy multiple pairs) Also i heard ppl using seran wrap on their shoes after cleaning them, which would keep dust off ur kicks.

Basic cleaning-
use a toothbrush. water and a dry cloth. Q-tips work great on hard to reach places like the Nike shox. some ppl use the washing machine to clean their shoes but i am staying away from that. what i've heard is to put the shoes in a pillow case then put them in the washer.

Cleaning clear soles-
(aj 5,6,11,16 and other shoes with clear soles)
first off the best way to keep em clear is by taking care of them from day 1. always clean them everytime u wear your shoes. oxi-clean or using Crest whitening toothpaste works okay. there is no proof yet that oven cleaner can clear up yellowed soles but if u wanna give it a try be my guest. (try to post pics of before and after if u do)

Cleaning suede-
(air jordan 6,7 and other shoes)
since i rather buy shoes than cleaners, i use a dry flat head toothbrush to clean the suede part of my shoes. it usually gets the dust and lint off. if it still looks a little dusty use a couple drops of water on the area and brush it. or just buy the suede cleaner at ur local shoe store.

Patent leather-
(aj 11,16 and other shoes)
the best idea i've heard so far was to use Windex on the patent part and boy does it work. spray it on there and wipe it off with a dry cloth. (quick tip always carry a piece of cloth to keep em clean and shiny)

Black leather-
(all black af1's, the upper part on certain aj 11's and other shoes)
shoes with black leather are my favorite. after i clean them using a toothbrush and cloth, i spray tire shine on another piece of cloth and apply it to the black leather or rubber part of the shoe. it really makes a dull shoe shine. or use shoe shine.

Visible Air Soles-
(aj 3,4,5,6,16, and other shoes like air max 90)
i use a Q-tip to clean that part. first i wet 1 side with water and clean away the debris and use the other side to dry. (i put scotch tape over it before but it came off when i was walkin oh well)

Shoe laces-
advice have extras just in case so u can alternate.
washing machine works. or get some laundry detergent put it in a big bowl mix it with some hot water then put ur white laces in there. if u wanna put some bleach go ahead. scrub the laces, rinse and repeat. then u can use a hair dryer or just hang them up to dry.

White shoes or white parts of shoes-
it seems like if u brush too much on white shoes that they start to fade, chip, or peel away. hot water gets deep stains out but after a while the white will fade out, so i stay with cold water. shoe whitener are okay it's just the fact that the shade stands out, making it noticible that u painted them.
the bottom part can be cleaned with a white eraser(i tried it on my aj9 low), i don't know if the pink-kind eraser works.

(aj 17 low)
use Turtle Wax brand chrome polish. or spray Windex on a cloth and apply to the chrome-metallic part of the shoe.

Jean stains-
try to prevent this from happening in the first place.
u can try to use cold water and a toothbrush and carefully brush the jean stain away. (that's what i did with my aj16 blue/white) if that doesn't work use warm to hot water. while it is still moist use a towel to wipe it dry. for nubuck-suede try the cleaner or use the moist toothbrush method.

why is ur neck like that? oh my bad u were looking at my jordans.


Great tips dalyte!
I never thought of using tire shine, that's briliant! Why not use that on the patent part of the XIs?

My tip is to use stain repellant/protectant when your shoes are new. I get the one from Wilsons leather store. It also works on white midsoles. That way, when your shoes get dirty, they will be easier to clean.
Something else that works for me on regular leather is rubbing alcohol. Also works on white midsoles, too.
the thing about tire shine on patent leather is that leaves streaks or residue. it does work, but it looks the same as if u used Windex.
why is ur neck like that? oh my bad u were looking at my jordans.
some1 did use oven cleaner but no pix for evidence
why is ur neck like that? oh my bad u were looking at my jordans.
i put my all white AF 1's in the washer, because im too lazy to do all that cleaning, and it works very well. look new
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i use this stuff called spray nine, used for boats, but it works wonders on rubber. i use it on my af1's, and the sole is whiter than it can get with a toothbrush.
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anybody else wanna add any other tips???
we gotta get this archived.

oh yeah i always carry a cleaning cloth(preferably for eye-glasses) when i'm wearin my aj 11 or aj 16 to wipe the patent leather to keep it neck breakin
why is ur neck like that? oh my bad u were looking at my jordans.
NikeAir23 Says:

Hey someone try this.....Who ever has XI's with yellow soles,Lay your shoe on tha side and spray Windex with Vinegar (dont mix vinegar with windex,because i dunno if it works...some windex already comes with vinegar) on tha bottom then scrub them hard and as if you were cleaning tha whole bottom and whipe off tha wetness.I tried this and i think i made them a bit clear.But they were just a bit i dunno if it will do so on yellow soles.So sumone atleast try.

i got a good tip for any white leather, rubber or anything else.
Go to ur local CVS or grocery store and look for a bathtub and porcelin cleaning product called "Soft Scrub" The kind i have is green but since it has bleach it cleans white. U can clean the bottoms of ur shoes and make them look BRAND new. I cleaned my 17s after i had run on a black rubber track and the bottoms were completely black. To clean them, take the softscrub and spread it evenly on the shoe( you dont have to use a lot, i have cleaned my shoes like 30 times and only used like a fourth of the bottle) let it set for 30-60 secs and scrub it off with a wash cloth, it restores it like new. This doesnt work for clear soles obviously. u can also clean the upper and midsole and make it look great. I had some old JB all stars and i had used them to cut grass for the summer. I got them to look new aside from the creases. As with all bleach, make sure u dont get any one ur clothes. I spilled some on my red shirt and it turned a funky light orange. it does not change the color of the red rubber like on the bottoms of my 17s, but if u have a different color woven material like on the af1s or somthing be careful.

I knew a kid who used to dip a toothbrush in bleach and clean his white shoes with that. I don't do it. I just use soap and water. But I've never been able to clean white soles very well.

So I found these awesome AIR DELTA FORCE mids white leather, blue and black trim, from 1988 (on the tag) at a yard sale somewhere for CHEAP. They've been worn, but they look so cool. Ive cleaned em up with soap and water but they still look dingy.

Should I try the bleach? I like the Soft Scrub idea. I remember a while back guyz were talkin about something called "Oxy Clean."

OR I heard somebody say to try an orange based cleaner to clean any kind of shoe.
Does anyone know if Shoe Magik work? I bought a couple of bottles. They were from the mall and the workers usually would ask you if they can demonstrate. I got them but I'm kinda' hesitant to use them. They did a pretty good job on my AM95's. If anyone has used them, please give me some feedback.
i tried this stuff called Orange clean on my nike flight 2000 low (white, blue, black) just the other day. of course the white part on the bottom was dirty and icky. so i got a toothbrush and started scrubing the bottom it totally got the shoe clean even the parts i used shoe whitener came off. it smells kinda like fish though (eewwwww).
my brother uses a toothbrush and toothpaste on his white shoes, the only problem is u gotta make sure u get all of the toothpaste residue off. his shoes smell minty fresh.

nikeair23 i'ma try the Windex thing first thing when i go home in 2 weeks. on my aj 16 and aj 6 low
why is ur neck like that? oh my bad u were looking at my jordans.
I use pencil erasers to clean my patent leather and midsoles of other kicks I have. Lots of pencil erasers. :lol:

Yes, Jojo only.​

Here's a few things I do.
1) For XI's I clean the bottoms with liquid hand soap & water after every use. Keeps them clean and still retain a shine. Also i use it on the easily yellowed/blemished polyurthene parts of the III's because its gentle (no tooth brush...just a cloth used)
2) For shoes with black plastic/rubber parts (like the black toes of the Vi's, the black/red XIV's and the XVII) i use "Armor ALL", Its brightens up black plastic/rubber that gets dull (dont use on leather!).
3) "Oxyclean" got out a stain on the mesh of my white/black XI's without yellowing them.
4) when cleaning shoe laces, I dont put them in the dryer. Putting them in the dryer makes the laces lose thier new glossiness and frays them. I just hang dry them.
hmmmm i don't have foamposites sorry. but have u tried what i posted in the begining use a toothbrush and water. u gotta keep scrubbing. if that doesn't work then use warm water.
why is ur neck like that? oh my bad u were looking at my jordans. i even break the necks of ppl who are wearin the same shoe.
Does anybody have tips on cleaning the upper part of the Cool Grey XI or IX's. Could you use that suede cleaner stuff that looks like an eraser and then brush it off?
Finn, I used that Shoe Magik stuff and it worked. Mine looks good, compared to what it looked like before cleaning them.
for suede on the cool greys (which i have neither) use the repellent spray that should make it easier to clean. the suede eraser thingy should be able to do the trick try it out and let us know.
why is ur neck like that? oh my bad u were looking at my jordans. i even break the necks of ppl who are wearin the same shoe.
That repellent spray does help a lot. Cause I just wore my suede Lugz boots with some jeans that blead like hell. I sprayed the Lugz real good then after I wore them they did have noticeable jean bleading stains then I used that suede cleaner/eraser thing and it worked. It took out all the stains pretty easy.
for suede and nubuck shoes you guys should try out nordstroms suede renew. it basically colors in the color of the suede since suede fades in color. note: if you try it tape up everything not in suede. it does cange the color. its like spray painting a shoe.
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