Sneakerheads in NY

Joined May 27, 2013
Any other guys into kicks just looking to hang out? Live on long island and work in NYC, would be cool to find another guy into sneaks to chill with. Im 24
Joined May 25, 2013
Whats goin on bro. Im in Ny also, yea us NY dudes on this forum need 2 chill and help make sneaker releases easier for each other.
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Joined May 11, 2010
sup guys.
I agree with ovzback, helping each other out would be a good thing. I live in queens and work downtown near the world trade.
who's coppin the Army foams next Saturday?
Joined May 14, 2008
Yonkers check in. I make trips out to the city easily though. I'm down to chill. :nthat:

Joined Jun 7, 2013
Whats goin on bro. Im in Ny also, yea us NY dudes on this forum need 2 chill and help make sneaker releases easier for each other.
I agree. Also selling kicks too. Having a hard time unloading a few pairs. We need to look out for one another/friends.
EX: If I have something you/friend wants we need to help each other out and put them on to whoever was what.
Just my 2 cents.....
Joined May 11, 2010
Queens native here.

any info on the Lebron Denims releasing? Which footlockers, and if its a raffle, etc ?
I know the new HOH in BK is doing a raffle.
Joined Jun 27, 2013
not sure which one is the main one. you guys have been slacking in forum posts. downtown manhattan checking in. what upcoming releases are you guys excited about? right now the only ones ive got my eye on are the flyknit racers in multi. although i kinda like the camo print on the airmax 90. not that im into camos per se, i just like airmax 90s. 

in my honest opinion, i cant stand foams. just not me. whatever floats your boat though.
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did anyone get to check out agenda?

i also heard there's some stickball block party going on this saturday where they'll be giving out free ice cream. will have to do more research. and sneakercon is this weekend too?
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A new store opened up not too long ago on SI, called Sneaker Connect. From their Facebook and Instagram posts their selection looked promising. I went in the other day and the place itself was much smaller than I expected but the owner has a few items I never saw before. She really supports young entrepreneurs, this kid developed a clear container to display your kicks in, it supposedly preserves them. It's not much bigger than a shoe box. Was wondering if anyone was familiar with this type of item? They also sell sole preservers its a clear micro thin sheet that you tailor to your specific shoe, cut it out stuck it on the bottom, then after one use peel it off and the bottom date still fresh. A couple of Dj's from Hot 97 are affiliated with them I believe, Bobby Trends and Mike Sessions. Jim Jones did a meet n greet there too. Anyway, It's just another option incase anyone is local. I also find myself never disappointed with Kicks USA in Linden NJ. It's much bigger and they sell clothes and hats as well.
Joined May 11, 2010
whats up rooom.
Born and raised in queens
went to school in uptowon manhattan
and now working in lower manhattan by the world trade.

so who's doing :smokin after 5pm today?
Joined Jun 4, 2013
Clinton Hill, BK here. Always looking for locals to trade with, etc. Great 'hood for sneakers.
Joined Feb 6, 2013
@nycthreadhunter, I've been there. There kind of overpriced and there stock is iffy, only rarely do they have good shoes. Granted they do consignment, but so do a lot of other stores and for the only one in Staten Island that does, I would hope for a better collection. Especially with all the heat we have out here.
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