So A Friend Of Mines Popped his Blood Vessels (PICS)

Mar 7, 2007
Dude drank so much that he popped his blood vessels. His eyes are straight red with Blue pupils.

He says it doesn't bother him and that girls like it
. He got abunch of numbers when he went to the club the other night
He has noplans on going to the doctor

That's not me in the pic by the way
The same thing happened to the prostitute that the Shamwow guy beat up.

That's not popping at all. Tell him he's an idiot.
my eyes are too sensitive...they get irritated from just looking at that pic
ive popped blood vessels in my eyes before. cleared up in 3 weeks. didnt look THAT bad tho... and i had mad blood spots in my face...
Girls actually like that? Thats light though. My boy was playing the alternate name for a donkey I think it was called..that hand ball game and he ran to thewall and the ball caught him in the eye. His whole eye was literally black.
I believe something similar happened to me, but wasn't as damn serious as that.
I think it'll heal up by itself.
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