So does anyone else not have dreams?


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dont tell me im not remembering them and that you always have dreams. i havent had one in almost 2 years. i dont think its me not remembering them. im not having them. any tips?
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go to sleep after consuming a few beers... always makes mine lucid

also might wanna try some visual meditation before bed
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I used to think the same thing but I have them, they're just vague when I wake up the next day.
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When I stay up very late, like 5-6 am, I tend to remember my dreams. My dreams are super vivid and detailed. I had a dream where I was involved in a murder. I can still remember most things like the color of the victims dress to the blood splattered on the walls. I get chills every time I think about it.

For the most part, I seem to remember my dreams 2-3 times a week.
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I know what you mean dude. I swear I go a night without dreaming. I'll close my eyes, and next thing I know I wake up and it's the morning. I dont know if I'm actually dreaming and I really forget that I even dreamed, or what, but I have a feeling we're having the same problem.
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I do but don't remember them most of the time, and when I do... they're the crappiest ones.
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Quite the opposite my dreams have been very vivid lately. Its interesting what 2good said because it seems when I go to bed around those times they are especially vivid.


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u probably do dream, you just cant remember you had one. dreams usually seem to be couple seconds long only.


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Originally Posted by 360waves

its been proven everybody dreams at least 5-8 times a night
Yeah, there have been studies done on people who think that they don't dream and I'm pretty sure they have proven that everyone does - it's just that some people never remember them. It's all about the different sleep cycles and what part you wake up during.

I've got young kids and I get woken up all the time - and I remember tons of dreams. Really ruins my day sometimes when you have one of those vivid ones and you feel like you've done something wrong all day.
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Originally Posted by 2o6

Originally Posted by jawnyquest

is it ok if i use that in another thread? it was pretty funny

anyway my dreams are $%%+*## AWESOME but i hate the ones that i remember but start to forget as the day goes

i also hate when my dream is at a good part and then i get woke up by something


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I don't know why I get mad when people say they don't dream. My girl swears she doesn't dream but she's always talkin in her sleep or jumping in her sleep. I dream all the time.It's so surreal. One of the main reasons I love to sleep. Even when I take a short nap I have dreams. Sometimes my *$$ play out like movies. I love it. I remember most of them. If I was to think about something like a red car for example earlier in the day, some how it would end up in my dream that night and play a significant role in it. I love my dreams. I would trade my real life if I could just dream forever .
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My dreams are so weird to write down, if someone picks up and reads that !+%! they'll be like %%!
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Originally Posted by 2o6

dont tell me im not remembering them and that you always have dreams. i havent had one in almost 2 years. i dont think its me not remembering them. im not having them. any tips?

Stop ruling out the possibility that you're not remembering them and try to recall anything that you remember that didnt happen before you went to sleep. If you can,  recall ANY and EVERY little detail about it all that you can bring up. Do this every night and you will start having dreams and they'll probably make a lot of sense.
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.i could goto sleep dream wake up, stay in bed fall back asleep and continue the dream.. it has gotten to the point where I know i'm dreaming... yacht dream was incredible
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some people who smoke too much weed can't dream, they're brain reads the hallucinations as dreams and jus gets tired out. somethin like that. anyway, jus watch hella twilight zones n trippy movies, guaranteed you should dream of somethin later on
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