So why exactly is NY > CA ? Im serious? Are there any good reasons at all?

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I always see NY folks making this absurd "NY > CA" comments, but never back it up with anything.  So I started to think about it. 

What makes NY better?


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NY in the winter

LA in the winter

There are no extremes either.  No blistering cold winters or unbearably hot and humid summers.


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The Yankees and Lakers cancel each other out.  Currently everything else is subpar with a few scattered championships (Giants and Giants). There are superstar players in both states as well. California has more professional teams though.


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We dont wish they all would be New York girls.


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Forbes top 100 colleges 2011 list has 10 California schools and 6 New York schools.


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Although there are expensive areas in both states, New York in general is more expensive to live.  Cost of living in Manhattan in general dwarfs that of San Francisco or Los Angeles.


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This is one area where I have no problem admitting New York wins.


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Medical marijuana is legal in California, and the pot in general is exponentially better than NY pot. Even non medical marijuana is decriminalized in California.


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Almost identical amount of Fortune 500 companies.  New York has 56 and California has 55.

So what exactly am I missing here?  You cant even use earthquakes as an excuse anymore.  What makes NY better?
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This thread comes up every week. Why can't we just appreciate what both have to offer?


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This argument is so ridiculous already, do you guys seriously care about this?


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realtalk LA> NYC

new york is boring and just a bunch of walking around

weather is mad whack too

food is better too in LA

only thing ny has on cali is the public transportation
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This *!!$ is tired fam.

This is coming from a dude born in NY, and lived in CA.

Can we just say NY =/= CA, and leave it alone?
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Honestly. The city.

We ny'er dont give a crap about cali. Some like all 4 seasons in 1 city all the time. Going out to drink take the subway or cab home is special to NY. Our subway system is monster. We are the heart of the US's economy. We have wall street, time square, C-town(ktown), soho, stmarks, and so many other places to go out and do something. We are the city that never sleeps for a reason. We have beast Italian food, and honestly there alot of legit mexican joints too. We have Puerto rican and Dominican !@*#%@$. Its a dog eat dog lifestyle out here, unlike California. Ny Swag> Cali swag. Been to cali 3 times, totaling about 2 months near So-cal huntinton/costa mesa. I love california trust me, i love that lifestyle. Ny is a fast pace city, where anywhere in cali is not. My lifestyle fits California more then NY, but i can understand why Ny'ers feel that they are the best.
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 it's not that serious

 @ the 650 in your SN OP

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it's still CA>NY though
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Originally Posted by HypeBeast McStreetwear

This is tired. But I will say this...

I like my 4 Seasons. I don't get people's fascination with hot weather EVERY DAY of the year.
We don't have hot weather everyday of the year, just 80% of the year. And its funny cuz most of the country be hitting 100degree weather and the highest I seen in Cali this summer is 92F.
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Originally Posted by HypeBeast McStreetwear

This is tired. But I will say this...

I like my 4 Seasons. I don't get people's fascination with hot weather EVERY DAY of the year.
Coastal cities in Cali never get as hot as NYC does during the summer.

SD's weather >>> anywhere else in the USA

But NY and Cali are so different that it's impossible to say which one is better. It's like comparing teams in two different sports. Maybe interesting at first but ultimately useless. It's all about preferences.

I prefer milder weather and close access to beaches and mountains. So of course I prefer Cali

But there are plenty of folks who enjoy seasons and the perks that come with living in the city.
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NYC: vs. LA?
Much more diverse
NYC is the cultural center of the world
financial center of the world(even after the recession)
The basketball mecca, and we have the greatest sports team in the world(yankees>Lakers. Its true)
Hands down the best food, every type of food, we most likely have the best or close to the best of it. Pizza, bagels, etc.
We have more history than LA
NYC is a actual city while LA is pretty much a big suburb
NYC has hands down the most energetic atmosphere
We are pretty much the center of everything. Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be, you come to NYC to make that happen(except acting somewhat)
NYC is much more efficient than LA(mass transit use, we use much less electricity, produce less waste.)
We've created numerous music genres, and have the biggest impact on culture.

I can literally write a book an how NY>LA, but this debate has been going on for as long as I can remember.
You guys always bring up the weather like thats something you guys created or something. I'd rather have 4 seasons then wear the same clothes year round.

Bottom line, Cali is cleaner and has better weather, and NYC>LA
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