State of the JB game... What is the benefit of that to JB?

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They doin it to charge up da prestige of da brand....all them team jordans ON SALE on racks have took a toll on da image of da jumpman....

I see they future as just a expensive hub to nike, as a luxuryline with super well made retros wit lambskin and super preimium leather in small boutiques on 5th ave like gucci and prada.....only hope for survival past this generation.
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Ok this is my opinion,,JB is a brand that is above every other,,nothing compares,,reebok,,converse,,addidas,,they lost along time ago,,not even nike {the creator of JB} is better than jordan,,jordan is top notch,,I think personally,,reebok & the other companies are gonna see this as an opportunity to redeem their selves as companies,,but nike is gonna be like how JB has been since the 90`s,,so nike is gonna be "top notch" if u will,,the whole team thing jordan is doin,,is gonna come fallin like the twin towers,,and then JB is gonna decide on doin something with the brand again,,maybe a fresh start,,like 4 example,,the 1`s will release,,next the 2`s,,and so on,,will this happen,,dont know but a theory,,we will just have to wait and see,,all i know is that I did see this coming it was just a matter of time,,I mean look at some of these wack colorways JB has been releasing,,wat is the world coming to,,but then again look at Michael,,hes rich out the @#%$ do u think he gives a dam about the company he has so much money he could have stopped makin j`s years ago,,but no his legacy is on the line if he did that we would have been a big whoa,,it would be a thing you would see on TV thats how much of a sumthing it is,,either way im not michael,,im not gentry,,im not anybody affiliated with JB i just make michael richer then he already is,,

this is what mike gives us in return

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